Meet Eden Newborn Session – Franklin TN Newborn Photographer

Meet Eden! What a cutie pie! I just absolutely fell in love with this sweet heart and her family immediately! It was a blast having them in the studio! She was such a champ through all the outfit and posing changes! A natural model already! Napped like a pro! And her big sis was so well behaved and gave me lots of beautiful smiles for the camera! She is such a great big sister to Eden!


There were so many wonderful images from this session! I particularly love how Eden rocked the purple outfits and backdrops! So fun and colorful! But the neutral ones are so soft and pretty too! The ones with big sister being sweet and giving me silly faces for the camera are especially adorable. You can tell that these two are going to be fast friends! Doing everything together before you know it! And the first pictures all together as a family of 4! I love that so much! Do you have a favorite shot from this session? Let me know in the comments below!


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Aiden Newborn Lifestyle Session – Franklin TN Newborn Lifestyle Photographer


It was wonderful to see little Aiden and his family again! Not too long ago I shot his birth! You can see that here. He is clearly adjusting very well to his new environment! And his big brother is helping a ton! He was showing me Aiden’s room and the books they read together! It was absolutely adorable! They had a blast just enjoying the day together in their beautiful home while I captured their day. The family was a blast to work with!


There were so many fun pictures from this session. But I think the pictures of the brothers together are my favorites. They are already the best of friends! Playing together and reading together! And lots of hugs and kisses! These two are already inseparable! Do you have a favorite from this session? Let me know in the comments below!


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Savannah Birth Session – Franklin TN Birth Photographer


I have said this time and time again and it’s still so true. Birth sessions are the most magical and amazing thing ever to shoot! There is just something about getting to capture a new life entering the world! A new little person taking their first breaths! This session was just as miraculous and I am so thankful I was there to capture it! Little Savannah graced us with her presence and was absolutely beautiful! Mom was a champ through it all and dad was right there by her side.


In a session like there are just too many shots to pick a favorite. But I do particularly love the first moments where Savannah is laid on mom’s chest. Their meeting face to face for the first time! Such a beautiful, long awaited, and emotional moment!  I also love all the shots of little Savannah meeting her big brother and other family members. This little one has a team to love on her as she grows up! They were all so excited for her arrival! The shots of the family before the birth are fun too because you can see the anxious excitement on everyone’s face as they prep for Savannah’s arrival. There were just so many special shots I can’t pick! Do you have a favorite from this session? Let me know in the comments!

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They Grow Up So Fast

My son Bodhi just turned 3 years old. Oh my! They grow up so fast! That got me searching through old photos. I came across this lifestyle session from when he was about 8 months old and I have just been struck by how fast the years fly by. It seems like it couldn’t possibly have been that long ago that he was this little! He’s not that little baby anymore! We have progressed through the toddler stage and onto full on little boy now! He loves high fives, hugs, and kisses, and getting raspberries on his belly! Bodhi keeps me on my toes, he puts a twinkle in my eye and a laugh at my lips. He fills my heart because he just needs me so much.


And Mikhaila is 6 now! She is asking so many thoughtful questions that really make me stop and think! She is the sunshine in my heart, my little person of peace, a breath of fresh air, my grounding point. My love for them is as cheesy as it gets. I will run down the street, my daughter running at me, after she gets off the bus like a slow motion picture- picking her up and twirling her in the wind.


I just love that the memory of this day was captured so it could really truly be held onto and remembered forever. The kids were young and may not necessarily remember the experience of this lifestyle session like I do. But they will have the pictures to be able to help them remember their fun childhood years full of giggles and story books. And that’s just priceless! I love that I am able to document moments like these for my clients as well. Pictures are some of the most valuable memories we can hold!


Photo credit goes to Ciji B Robinette for this beautiful in home session!

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Aiden’s Birth Session – Franklin TN Birth Photographer


Aiden’s birth session was so beautiful! Mom was amazing through the whole thing! And dad was there the whole time cheering her on! The waiting on little Aiden’s arrival is over! Birth sessions are such a beautiful and magical thing! Getting to document a new life entering the world is just the best thing ever!


There are always so many amazing pictures from birth sessions! I love so many of these! From their calls in the beginning to family and friends to let them know that Aiden was about to make his debut to the ones of mom and dad holding their son for the first time. So many beautiful emotions and moments captured! Take a look!


AidenP I N

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