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Cool Springs Baby Photography

I have loved watching Leighton has grow up into this beautiful little girl! A lot of clients search for Cool Springs Baby Photography and book a session with me. I love meeting all my clients-its the best part of the job! Leighton is such a gorgeous little girl, with the most beautiful eyes! I love photographing this age because they always have the best little personalities. You can see her beautiful newborn photos by clicking hereYou can also see her big brother when he was her age by clicking here. I have so many favorites from our session together! I especially love the black and white closeup of Leighton with her sweet and serious little face. I hope you enjoy the rest of her sneak peek! Cool Springs Baby PhotographyP I NView full post »

Gallatin Baby Photographer - Useo Family

I had such a wonderful time with this gorgeous family! Clients will sometimes search for a Gallatin Baby Photographer and book with me-I love it! My studio is located in Historic downtown Franklin, and I will have clients from all over Tennessee book sessions. I love meeting all kinds of amazing people and being trusted with their memories! Their little guy was the sweetest little thing with such captivating eyes! He had the sweetest little smiles, I was so in love with him! As always, I had so many favorites from our session! I always find it hard to narrow down for sneak peeks-I am so excited to finish the rest of this beautiful family's gallery! I especially love shooting silhouette shots. Tennessee has the perfect gorgeous skies for them. Enjoy their sneak peek!   Gallatin Baby PhotographerP I NView full post »

Nashville Baby Photography

Oh my goodness. Alex was the sweetest little guy with the most beautiful blue eyes ever! I loved all the expressions he gave me, it was certainly a pleasure to have him in the studio. I loved his rolls and cheeks-there is nothing better 🙂 I have a lot of experience in Nashville Baby Photography, and am blessed to have clients from all over. I just love all the different people I get to meet!

Photographing 4 Month Olds

Sometimes, photographers will prefer to work with babies that are not this young, and want them sitting. But there is a lot you can do with this age. I love to move babies from prop to prop to add variety to their sessions. They are always so smiley and give the best expressions. Best of all, they can't crawl away! They can even sit with assistance from parents, which works out because they love mommy and daddy! I had a lot of favorites from Alex's session! I especially loved the one of him with his blue blanket on. He gave me the cutest little face, ever! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!     Nashville Baby PhotographyP I NView full post »

Franklin Baby Photographer

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this beautiful family and watching their beautiful family grow! Their beautiful girls are so lucky to have such loving and amazing parents! You can check out her beautiful family's previous family session by clicking here! Liliane was the perfect little sleeper for me. I had so much fun moving her from pose to pose and showcasing her adorable rolls and sweet little face! We got the cutest picture with her big sister-I know they will be the best of friends! Liliane kept giving us the sweetest little smiles.

How to Find the Perfect Newborn Photographer

I often get asked for tips on finding the right newborn photographer for your family's needs. First, check out a photographer's website to see their work. Make sure their style and posing is something that takes your breath away. Second, reviews are really good to check out as well. People will usually give honest and insightful reviews on their experience. Lastly, schedule a phone call or meeting with the photographer. You can get an idea if you will work well together. Newborn photographs are so priceless and you can never get that time back, so you want to make sure you go with someone you trust. I couldn't handle her cuteness! I don't even know how I could pick a favorite from our session! Does Franklin Tn have the most adorable babies or what? Here are some recent images featuring Liliane and her beautiful family!   Franklin Baby PhotographerP I NView full post »

Genevieve - Cool Springs Baby Photographer

Genevieve came to me for her 6 month baby session. She was the perfect little baby girl with such an angel face! She is so loved by her big brother and sister, they are going to be the best of friends! I was so excited to see this beautiful family again-check out just how much Genevieve has grown since her newborn session!  We were able to put Miss Genevieve in so many different outfits and she rocked them all! Here is a sneak peek of Genevieve's portrait session, with just a few of my favorites! It was certainly hard to narrow down.   Cool Springs Baby PhotographerP I NView full post »