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Aiden’s Birth Session – Franklin TN Birth Photographer


Aiden’s birth session was so beautiful! Mom was amazing through the whole thing! And dad was there the whole time cheering her on! The waiting on little Aiden’s arrival is over! Birth sessions are such a beautiful and magical thing! Getting to document a new life entering the world is just the best thing ever!


There are always so many amazing pictures from birth sessions! I love so many of these! From their calls in the beginning to family and friends to let them know that Aiden was about to make his debut to the ones of mom and dad holding their son for the first time. So many beautiful emotions and moments captured! Take a look!


AidenP I N

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Williamson Medical Birth Photographer


Birth is one of the most beautiful milestones in life! I loved being able to photograph this new life entering the world! Mom was a champ and dad was by her side the whole time! You’ll even see that they had a chance to skype big brother who was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new best friend!


There were so many special moments to capture! Seeing their family grow from 3 to 4 right in front of my eyes! Even a little scary moment when they needed to put this sweet little one on a ventilator to help him get those lungs going. But he was all set and healthy in no time! Big brother was able to visit and their family was all together! It was absolutely beautiful! Hands down, the best part of my job! Mom was a champ through it all!


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Hartsfield Birth Photography Session – Columbia TN Birth Photographer


Photographing births is one of the most amazing things I do. Each and every birth is so incredibly beautiful! Watching life enter the world! It’s always breathtaking! This birth session with the Hartsfield’s is no different. What a beautiful family! Welcoming their little one into their family! She did so amazing through the whole labor and delivery process. And dad stood by her side through every minute! It was such an honor to capture their first photo as a family of three. And mom was stunning!


There were many beautiful shots through this session. You can see the progress from preparing for labor all the way to resting with their new baby. And all the sweet moments in between. I think my favorite shot might be the one of mom and dad kissing while she was still in labor. Such a sweet moment together!


Hartsfield Birth Photography Session - Columbia TN Birth PhotographerP I N

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Shasta Birth Photography Session – Franklin TN Birth Photographer


I love birth photography! It’s just so beautiful to capture a new life being born in the moment! This session was amazing! All of them images are shared in chronological order. So you can view everything from the waiting through the contractions, to labor, to holding the baby for the first time, all the way to their first photo as a family of three!


It was such an honor to spend this special time with this family! I am constantly amazed by the beauty there is in seeing new life be born! I am so glad I was able to be a part of capturing this miraculous experience in all it’s glory!


Shasta Birth Photography Session - Franklin TN Birth PhotographerP I N

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The Hart Family Session!

I had a blast with these guys! Mike and Nancy have two beautiful children, Juliana and Blake! Juliana is 5 and loves all things girly! Such a little sweetheart! And Blake is two and is all about Star Wars! They love family ice cream nights and playing in the park! I think the kids had a great time playing while I got some family shots! I snapped one of them playing with bubbles that I particularly love! These two little ones are best friends and I love it! They are absolutely adorable! It was great to get some photos of them playing together. I love photographing siblings! You know you are snapping a picture of two people who will have each other’s backs forever!

We also got their sweet dog Marley in the photos! What’s a family photo without the family dog?! Marley was quite the little champ for the family photos! Take a look at some of my favorites!


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