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Tennessee Family Photographer

I always love family sessions-they are some of my favorites! I could tell this family has such a close knit relationship when working with them! Big sister was so good and gentle with her little brother. I loved their eyes too-one had brown, and one had blue. So cute! Being a Tennessee Family Photographer really does have it perks-I work with such wonderful people! I had a lot of favorites from our session together. The sibling shot was especially cute! And seriously, can you handle his adorable, blonde faux hawk? I am looking forward to editing the rest of their gallery!   Tennessee Family PhotographerP I NView full post »

Brentwood Family Photography

I loved working with this beautiful family! There is nothing better than capturing the bond sisters share. They were especially good with the littlest one. You can tell they are all the best of friends! Brentwood Family Photography is my specialty. It really does give me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people! I had so many favorites from our session together! It was certainly hard to narrow down for the sneak peek. One of my favorites is when the little one fell asleep! We got the cutest pictures of her wearing a tutu! I am so excited to edit the rest of their session!   Brentwood Family PhotographyP I NView full post »

College Grove Tn Family Photographer

I had such a great time with this beautiful family! When I photograph extended family sessions, it's always a fun challenge to get everyone looking and happy at the same time. This family was so great and their love for each other exuded in all the photos from their session. As a College Grove Tn Family Photographer, I have the opportunity to meet all kinds of wonderful people! It was such a beautiful day and a perfect day for a photo session! One great thing about Tennessee is that it's known for the beautiful and scenic views. I had so much fun with all the various spots we were able to shoot in. I love this time of year-it's definitely my favorite to shoot outdoor sessions! Here are just a few favorites from the Hunter Family's photography session. I am beyond excited to edit the rest!     P I NView full post »

 Leipers Fork Family Photographer

I had such a blast with this beautiful family! Photographing children is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Their innocence, fun, and joy is always so contagious. I always make it my goal to capture their sweet little personalities when I photograph them. As a Leipers Fork Family Photographer, I also aim to capture the relationship that families have with each other during my session as well. I love to think ahead-and since time is fleeting I want my photographs to be a joy to look back upon! As a Tennessee photographer, I am so lucky with the amazing locations I have to photograph clients in. We used a beautiful and woodsy area for this fun family session! I loved all the beautiful scenery and trails-there were so many great places to shoot! The light was stunning, as well! I loved all the beautiful backlit photos we got.

Tips on What to Wear

As a photographer, one question I am asked often is what clients should wear for their sessions. I always say to pick 2-3 colors and to have everyone coordinate. The last thing you want is for clients to look like they are working at a store in uniforms. Never have everyone wear the same color shirt and same color pants, for that reason! Color schemes and layers are the best way to go. This family is a perfect example of how to dress for your photography session! I had so many favorites from our session together. It's always so hard for me to narrow down for just their sneak peek! I had so much fun getting to know this beautiful family, and their children were such a delight. I especially loved the ones I took of each of the kids. It really shows their fun personalities! I hope you enjoy their sneak peek! Leipers Fork Family PhotographerP I NView full post »

Chapel Hill Tn Family Photography

Oh, I just loved this family! Not only are they a gorgeous and model family, and made it such a fun session! We had so many fun locations to take their portraits in, too! Chapel Hill Tn Family Photography is definitely some of my favorite kind to do! They even brought their adorable dogs who even posed for the camera, too! One of my favorite things about photographing family sessions is being able to capture the relationship that families have with one another. I was so inspired by the awesome connection these two sisters had with each other! You can really tell they are such good friends! I loved the way that the older sister was so caring and loving; and the way the little one so looked up to her big sister. It was so cute! I loved the variety of places we were able to photograph in. We had beautiful flowers, a rustic bridge, and even a beautiful river! This family so loves each other and you can tell they have a lot of fun! Here are just a few of my favorites from our session!   Chapel Hill Tn Family PhotographyP I NView full post »