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They Grow Up So Fast

My son Bodhi just turned 3 years old. Oh my! They grow up so fast! That got me searching through old photos. I came across this lifestyle session from when he was about 8 months old and I have just been struck by how fast the years fly by. It seems like it couldn’t possibly have been that long ago that he was this little! He’s not that little baby anymore! We have progressed through the toddler stage and onto full on little boy now! He loves high fives, hugs, and kisses, and getting raspberries on his belly! Bodhi keeps me on my toes, he puts a twinkle in my eye and a laugh at my lips. He fills my heart because he just needs me so much.


And Mikhaila is 6 now! She is asking so many thoughtful questions that really make me stop and think! She is the sunshine in my heart, my little person of peace, a breath of fresh air, my grounding point. My love for them is as cheesy as it gets. I will run down the street, my daughter running at me, after she gets off the bus like a slow motion picture- picking her up and twirling her in the wind.


I just love that the memory of this day was captured so it could really truly be held onto and remembered forever. The kids were young and may not necessarily remember the experience of this lifestyle session like I do. But they will have the pictures to be able to help them remember their fun childhood years full of giggles and story books. And that’s just priceless! I love that I am able to document moments like these for my clients as well. Pictures are some of the most valuable memories we can hold!


Photo credit goes to Ciji B Robinette for this beautiful in home session!

They Grow Up So Fast P I N

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Emmett Newborn Session – Franklin TN Newborn Photographer


I love getting to do in home lifestyle sessions like this! To really capture what their life is like, in this moment! Just bringing a new family addition home! It’s such a magical time! Little Emmett is so loved by his big brother and parents! And Emmett has the cutest little smile! I love it! Their home is beautiful too!


I love that I was able to get some family photos! I love family photos with newborns because they grow up so fast and these are some of the first pictures they have as a family of 4 and I think that’s such a sweet memory to hold onto! And I loved the shots of them reading Goodnight Moon! It’s one of my all time favorite children’s books! So many great shots of this beautiful family in their beautiful home!


Emmett Newborn Session - Franklin TN Newborn PhotographerP I N

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The Legacy Of Abigail Grace


Today is the first day of Trisomy 13 awareness month and is very much a sobering day for me. And I wanted to share a little bit about why with you today.

A year ago today, sweet little Abigail Grace was born and made a bigger impact on the world in that one day than many make in their entire lives.

He parents, Nick and Mellissa, are a couple that my husband and I greatly admire and look up to. We met them in a class at our local gym. They are both local high school teachers and are so incredibly strong and inspiring in their marriage and their faith! They had been letting God decide whether they would have more children for years before finding out they were pregnant with Abigail. Their excitement was contagious and we were so excited to celebrate this little one with them!

The beginning of their pregnancy seemed normal, and healthy, and just so full of joy! About half way through the pregnancy they learned that their sweet little Abigail was struggling. She was diagnosed with Trisomy 13. They held onto hope that they could meet her and spend time with her for a few days or even just a few hours!

On March 1st, 2016, little Abigail Grace passed away in utero. Mellissa was induced and delivered Abigail Grace. I was able to go to the hospital that day and take some images of her tiny body with her mom and dad. And even though they may have never heard her cry or seen her wriggle in her swaddled blanket, she was so incredibly loved. There was more love in that room for that little girl that I even have words to express.

We had a beautiful memorial service for Abigail. And Mellissa’s words during the service are ones that I will never forget. She spoke of the things that her daughter accomplished without ever even experiencing life outside the womb. Little Abigail grace made an impact like no other. She helped people to see the world differently. To open their hearts. And she caused a stir in people that nothing else ever could have. Little Abigail Grace left a legacy and impact that those that are blessed to live long lives could only dream of. We all sent balloons off for the sweet little girl.

Today marks one year since that heartbreaking day in the hospital. And also the start of Trisomy 13 awareness month. It’s still hard, a year later. But I am so thankful for the opportunity to know and love this family and their sweet Abigail Grace!


The Legacy Of Abigail Grace - Trisomy 13 - June Star PhotographyP I N

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Cox Family Session – Spring Hill TN Family Photographer


Meet the Cox family! We had a wonderful time enjoying the fall weather together in the park! They are such a fun family! Their little baby girl was just the sweetest! So patient and kind!


There were so many great shots from this session! But I think my favorite might be the one of the little sweetheart sitting by herself in the woods! She just looks so adorably content and happy! Maybe a little future outdoors lover! Absolutely adorable! I also love the one of her and mommy smiling together! So cute! Make sure to comment with your favorites!


Cox Family Session - Spring Hill TN Family PhotographerP I N

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Meet the Bhatt Family Session – Brentwood TN Photographer


Meet the Bhatt Family! It was such a pleasure photographing this beautiful family! We had a blast enjoying the fall weather and the pretty leaves! They were so much fun! The girls are such amazing big sisters! That little guy is so loved!


There were so many amazing photos from our session! I think my favorites would have to be the one of the girls sitting back to back! Having a sister to be your best friend is really the best thing ever! You can just tell they are best friends for life! But there were also some great family shots too! And the silhouette image at the end of the evening was wonderful! Make sure to let me know your favorite in the comments below!


Meet the Bhatt Family Session - Brentwood TN PhotographerP I N

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