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Fairview Tn Children Photography

I had so much fun with these beautiful sisters! Since I specialize in Fairview Tn Children Photography, I have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful families and kids! Tennessee is known for it's beautiful scenery in the Fall. It makes for some amazing portraits and I have so much fun capturing it! I also loved how I captured the close relationship these adorable sisters have. They are the best of friends and I know they will be for many years to come! I loved so many favorites from their session. These little girls are so beautiful, and I loved their dresses! I especially loved the one of all 3 sisters in front of the beautiful flowers!     Fairview Tn Children PhotographyP I NView full post »

Emma - Franklin Child Photographer

Emma was so much fun to photograph! She is such a beautiful little girl and is full of spunk! Specializing as a Franklin Child Photographer I really enjoy all the different children I get to meet. I just love it when kids have such fun personalities! It always makes for an entertaining and fun session! I had way too many favorites from our session together-as always! One of my definite favorites is the closeup showcasing Emma's adorable freckles! She also has some of the most beautiful and captivating eyes I have ever seen! I also loved the beautiful Tennessee skies as we got close to sunset. Shooting at Golden Hour is definitely my favorite time to photograph because of the colors the skies have then! And now the moment you have been waiting for-the sneak peek! Enjoy!   Franklin Child PhotographerP I NView full post »

Franklin Baby Photographer

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this beautiful family and watching their beautiful family grow! Their beautiful girls are so lucky to have such loving and amazing parents! You can check out her beautiful family's previous family session by clicking here! Liliane was the perfect little sleeper for me. I had so much fun moving her from pose to pose and showcasing her adorable rolls and sweet little face! We got the cutest picture with her big sister-I know they will be the best of friends! Liliane kept giving us the sweetest little smiles.

How to Find the Perfect Newborn Photographer

I often get asked for tips on finding the right newborn photographer for your family's needs. First, check out a photographer's website to see their work. Make sure their style and posing is something that takes your breath away. Second, reviews are really good to check out as well. People will usually give honest and insightful reviews on their experience. Lastly, schedule a phone call or meeting with the photographer. You can get an idea if you will work well together. Newborn photographs are so priceless and you can never get that time back, so you want to make sure you go with someone you trust. I couldn't handle her cuteness! I don't even know how I could pick a favorite from our session! Does Franklin Tn have the most adorable babies or what? Here are some recent images featuring Liliane and her beautiful family!   Franklin Baby PhotographerP I NView full post »

Canales Family - Thompson Station Family Photographer

I seriously don't know if there could be a more beautiful family than the Canales family! Their twins were the sweetest little kids ever! I always love this age. Children are so innocent and free, and only know how to have fun. I love how I caught their personalities in these photos! It just makes me want to be a kid again-carefree, full of file, and pure fun! This session started with such beautiful weather and sunshine, and ended with beautiful skies for the perfect silhouette shot. I'm so lucky to photograph such fun clients here in Tennessee. I'd definitely have to say my absolute favorite posed shot I got of the family is the one in the field, with the rays of light beautifully shining down. But the closeup of this gorgeous family is my definite favorite, that's for sure. Being a photographer in Thompson Station has some amazing perks-there are such beautiful locations and breathtaking scenery for family portrait sessions. It was such a chore to narrow down for their sneak peek! I had so many favorites. But here are just a few, to give you a glimpse into our family session! Thompson Station Family PhotographerP I NView full post »

Edwards Kids - Downtown Nashville Child Photographer

Have you ever seen so much joy before in your life? I had such a great time photographing the Edwards family! This little girl and her older brothers came into the studio with lots of giggles and laughs. I tell ya, Nashville has the cutest children ever! My favorite part of this session was the natural light that poured into the studio while we were together. After that, these wide brown eyes of the Nashville natives had everyone swooning in the studio! I just loved all the looks this little princess gave me too-she had me laughing at her sweetness! Here is their sneak peek from our session together. I had such a blast with these adorable children!  Downtown Nashville Child PhotographerP I N View full post »