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Nashville Tn Maternity Photography

This was definitely one of my favorite maternity photography sessions to date! We had beautiful weather, a beautiful mama, and lots of beautiful maternity dresses! It's sessions like these that make me love the fact that I specialize in Nashville Tn Maternity Photography! This baby is going to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy! I want to apologize in advance for the overshare! It's because I had too many favorites. It was almost impossible to narrow down! It was fun taking advantage of the beautiful Tennessee scenery, too. I had so many favorites from our session-especially the one with the sun flare! I am very much looking forward to editing the rest of this gallery!     Nashville Tn Maternity PhotographyP I NView full post »

Nashville Maternity Photography

This beautiful family was visiting from Miami, and booked her maternity session with me. It was so wonderful, I had so much fun! They are such a kind and loving family, and I loved being able to capture these moments for them! Since Nashville Maternity Photography is my specialty, I do have the privilege of capturing a lot of people who travel to Tennessee. I love all the people I get to meet!

Booking Out of State Sessions

Since I do have quite a few clients who will book a session with me from out of state, I want to share some tips in that regards. First, it's always a good idea to contact the photographer and ask them about the kinds of sessions they offer. Most will provide you with examples of their work, so you can see exactly the kind of quality and poses you would get when hiring them. Next, be sure to have a backup plan-like a rain date or a studio to shoot them in! Since you are only in town for a short time, you want to make sure that you have a back up plan in case weather doesn't cooperate! Lastly, check out their reviews! There is nothing better than seeing the experience real clients have had! As usual, I had so many favorites from our session! My favorite was this beautiful mama in front of the cornfield. There is actually a cool story behind it. This beautiful mama has never seen a cornfield before! I definitely had to get her in front of it for that reason! I also enjoyed taking them to some beautiful locations we have in Tennessee. I really wanted to capture the beautiful locations we have so this family can remember their trip here forever!   2017-08-22_0007P I NView full post »

Nashville Maternity Photographer

I often get asked by clients to see the beautiful and vast assortment of maternity gowns that I have. So, I decided to do a fun blog post showcasing all my gowns! Serving as a Nashville Maternity Photographer, I am also going to answer the most common questions I get from clients regarding their maternity sessions as well. So, stay tuned below!

When Should I Book?

When to book is the most common question I get from clients. I have been photographing beautiful maternity sessions for many years now. I have found that the best time to book is between 32-34 weeks. It really depends on the mommy, though. All mothers show at different times, so it's really what works best for you!

How Far in Advance Should I book?

I usually book maternity sessions about 3 or more months in advance. However, there are a few times that I am above to book a last minute session. I recommend clients contacting just in case I am able to fit them in.

Where Should We Meet For the Session?

I have locations that I love to shoot at. The scenery is beautiful, and I believe are some of the most beautiful ways to represent the beauty of Tennessee! I also have some more secluded areas for clients that are modest and don't want a lot of people around when I am photographing their maternity session. Clients are certainly free to wear anything they'd like for their maternity sessions. However, I have so many beautiful dresses that are available if preferred. I have many different styles, colors, and sizes for clients to choose what they would love to wear for their session. You can also see more images from maternity sessions by clicking here. Please don't hesitate to contact me to today if you have any questions!   Nashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I NNashville Maternity PhotographerP I N

Murfreesboro Maternity Photographer

First, I just have to say that Melissa was an absolute pleasure to work with! Murfreesboro, Tn is an amazing place to photograph maternity sessions. The scenery and beautiful trees make for a great variety for sessions! Melissa definitely has the pregnancy glow, and she sure is one gorgeous mama! Silhouette shots are some of my favorite photos to capture, especially during maternity sessions. It really brings focus onto her beautiful baby belly! There is certainly nothing more beautiful than an expecting mama surrounded by the beauty of nature! If there is anything that I love about living in Tennessee, it's the gorgeous locations that I get to photograph in! In addition to them, I also can't complain about the skies either. The colors are always bright and vivid! As a Murfreesboro Maternity Photographer, I always am on the look out for beautiful locations to shoot at as well! There is certainly nothing more beautiful than a mother anticipating the arrival of her sweet baby. I really captured the core of Melissa's personality in these photos-peaceful and kind. Here are just a few of my favorites from her maternity session! I especially loved the one showcasing Melissa in her beautiful white dress, with trees surrounding her! I'm probably one of the luckiest photographers I know, I have the best clients! Finally, enjoy the sneak peek- I just loved our session together!   Murfreesboro Maternity PhotographerP I NView full post »

Brentwood TN Maternity Photographer

What a lovely day to spend with Kelly and her lovely clan. We set out in the woods to capture the beautiful essence of this Woodland Queen and Mother-To-Be. I am so grateful for the gorgeous day, the beautiful sunset, and the smiles across all of their faces.

Advice for Expecting Mothers

The best advice I can give for a prospective maternity client is to be yourself! Wear something you're going to be comfortable in and be in a place that sparks joy. As a photographer, I have lots of amazing places I shoot that are naturally beautiful. The scenic location we chose to shoot at was perfect for this beautiful mama. Seriously though, could this family be more beautiful? It's always fun to capture a first time mother. But there is something really special when photographing a mama pregnant with her second child. She not only is glowing, but has an amazing maturity that has come with becoming a mommy. I love the privilege of capturing just that! It's always so hard for me to narrow down for sneak peeks. These are just a few of my favorites, but it was hard to pick what to post! Brentwood TN Maternity PhotographerP I N View full post »