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Murfreesboro Maternity Photography

Seriously, how do I get all of these amazingly gorgeous clients? What a stunning mama to be! It makes specializing in Murfreesboro Maternity Photography so easy because of their beauty! I loved getting to know Ashley and her hubby. They are going to be the best of parents! I don't know if I have ever met baby so loved before! One of the best parts about photographing maternities is capturing the amazing bond a mama already has with her baby. It truly is amazing! I really do love the honor of being part of such a special time in a client's life!

Dressing for Maternity Sessions

One question I often get by my clients is about what to wear at their maternity sessions. Dressing in a mix of casual and fancy is always great. Most clients don't know that I carry a vast selection of beautiful maternity dresses in my studio! They are one size fits all, and photograph so nicely! They truly are stunning dresses and make for memorable portraits. So, when booking a maternity session with June Star Photography, don't hesitate to ask about my dress selection! Here are a few favorites from our session. I had so many I loved. My absolute favorite was of Ashley in the blue dress and flower crown. That one needs to be hung huge as a canvas in my studio-its got to be one of my most favorite maternity photos I've ever taken! I also loved the adorable look on their dog's face-too cute! Someone is excited for a new baby brother or sister!   Murfreesboro Maternity PhotographyP I NMurfreesboro Maternity PhotographyP I NMurfreesboro Maternity PhotographyP I NMurfreesboro Maternity PhotographyP I NMurfreesboro Maternity PhotographyP I NMurfreesboro Maternity PhotographyP I NMurfreesboro Maternity PhotographyP I NMurfreesboro Maternity PhotographyP I N   SaveSave

Gallatin Tn Maternity Photographer

I was so excited when I met with Jennifer to do her maternity photos! She is a stunning mama to be and has such a captivating personality! I love all the wonderful clients I get to meet as a Gallatin Tn Maternity Photographer! It truly is such a wonderful job to have. I'd have to say my absolute favorite part is being able to watch a family grow. There is only one word I can describe when capturing the relationship a couple has when expecting for the first time. That word is magical. Pregnant mamas really do glow. They have such an anticipation and wonder in their eyes. I love to capture these moments for clients to remember for many years to come.

Capturing the Perfect Silhouette Shot

Silhouette shots are some of my favorites to capture. Clients love them too-and always request them at our sessions! A great tip is to keep your body spread apart so I can capture the little things, like hands, feet, face, and for expecting mamas-bellies! When you accentuate in the pose, it really brings out the framing. I LOVE silhouette shots for maternity sessions, especially. It really brings your eyes to the new baby! Wearing long and flowy clothing for silhouettes are always a great idea as well. If it's sheer, like Jennifer's dress, you can even see the beautiful sunset behind it, and it makes the image all the more beautiful! Tennessee has always been known for it's amazing sunsets and scenic views-and doing these types of shots really showcases it's beauty! I always have too many favorites from my photography sessions. It takes me forever to decide what to post, because there a ton! Here are just a few of my many favorites from Jennifer's maternity session! I am very excited to edit the rest of their photos. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them!     Gallatin Tn Maternity PhotographerP I NGallatin Tn Maternity PhotographerP I NGallatin Tn Maternity PhotographerP I NGallatin Tn Maternity PhotographerP I NGallatin Tn Maternity PhotographerP I NGallatin Tn Maternity PhotographerP I NGallatin Tn Maternity PhotographerP I NGallatin Tn Maternity PhotographerP I N

Fairview Tn Maternity Photographer

I had such an amazing time photographing Yolanda for her maternity session! She is gorgeous! We had so many beautiful locations to shoot at. I loved all the dresses I photographed this mommy to be in. She rocked her shoot! As a Fairview Tn Maternity Photographer, I loved being able to capture such an important time in this family's life! One of my favorite things about maternity sessions is the amazing glow that mothers have. It's unmistakable-and you can always see the excitement and anticipation of their little one! Yolanda looked so beautiful in the maternity dresses. I loved her kind and gentle spirit-she is going to be the best mama! I had so many favorites from our session! One of my favorites was definitely the closeup of Yolanda in the yellow dress. What a stunning mommy!     Fairview Tn Maternity PhotographerP I NView full post »

Nashville Tn Maternity Photography

This was definitely one of my favorite maternity photography sessions to date! We had beautiful weather, a beautiful mama, and lots of beautiful maternity dresses! It's sessions like these that make me love the fact that I specialize in Nashville Tn Maternity Photography! This baby is going to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy! I want to apologize in advance for the overshare! It's because I had too many favorites. It was almost impossible to narrow down! It was fun taking advantage of the beautiful Tennessee scenery, too. I had so many favorites from our session-especially the one with the sun flare! I am very much looking forward to editing the rest of this gallery!     Nashville Tn Maternity PhotographyP I NView full post »

Nashville Maternity Photography

This beautiful family was visiting from Miami, and booked her maternity session with me. It was so wonderful, I had so much fun! They are such a kind and loving family, and I loved being able to capture these moments for them! Since Nashville Maternity Photography is my specialty, I do have the privilege of capturing a lot of people who travel to Tennessee. I love all the people I get to meet!

Booking Out of State Sessions

Since I do have quite a few clients who will book a session with me from out of state, I want to share some tips in that regards. First, it's always a good idea to contact the photographer and ask them about the kinds of sessions they offer. Most will provide you with examples of their work, so you can see exactly the kind of quality and poses you would get when hiring them. Next, be sure to have a backup plan-like a rain date or a studio to shoot them in! Since you are only in town for a short time, you want to make sure that you have a back up plan in case weather doesn't cooperate! Lastly, check out their reviews! There is nothing better than seeing the experience real clients have had! As usual, I had so many favorites from our session! My favorite was this beautiful mama in front of the cornfield. There is actually a cool story behind it. This beautiful mama has never seen a cornfield before! I definitely had to get her in front of it for that reason! I also enjoyed taking them to some beautiful locations we have in Tennessee. I really wanted to capture the beautiful locations we have so this family can remember their trip here forever!   2017-08-22_0007P I NView full post »