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Columbia Tn Newborn Photographer

Ethan was the SWEETEST little guy! He gave us some cute expressions, too! He had to pudgiest little cheeks and was so great for his newborn session! As a Columbia Tn Newborn Photographer, I meet lots of babies. Ethan stands out for sure, with all his cuteness! His big sister was an absolute doll, too! She was so good with her baby brother, and I can tell they will be great friends! She loved holding him, and giving him kisses. What a sweet bond they share! This gallery was so hard to narrow down, that's for sure. I had too many favorites. I especially loved Ethan in the froggy pose. That pose showcased his adorable lips and cheeks. I am definitely excited to edit the rest of their gallery!   Columbia Tn Newborn PhotographerP I NView full post »

Chapel Hill Tn Newborn Photographer

Ella was the sweetest little thing. I really loved her eyes-they were so mesmerizing! I had so much fun working with her and moving her from pose to pose. As a Chapel Hill Tn Newborn Photographer, I really am grateful for all the babies I get to photograph! I had so many favorites from our session together! I loved all the flowers we were able to incorporate into Ella's session. She even looked right at me-which is rare in newborn sessions! I am very excited to edit the rest of her gallery!   Chapel Hill Tn Newborn PhotographerP I NView full post »

Gallatin Newborn Photography

Seriously-can there be a cuter baby girl? I was SO excited when I saw Miss Taylor and her head full of hair! She was a perfect little sleeper for us, too! I especially loved her perfect and pouty little lips! Ever since I started specializing in Gallatin Newborn Photography, I had met so many babies. I just love my job-it really is the best!!

Tips on Preparing For Newborn Sessions

Since Taylor did so well, I wanted to share some help for when booking a newborn session with June Star Photography. Keeping babies awake prior to newborn sessions is important. Even though babies sleep a lot, keeping them awake will maximize their session. I also recommend giving your baby a sponge bath and an oil massage before. This usually helps to get newborn babies very sleepy and relaxed. Pacifiers are usually a must. They really do soothe babies and help them to fall asleep. I do have a form when clients book to let me know what colors and poses they prefer. This is important to do in advance, as it helps me plan for your session. Lastly, another great thing clients can do is...relax and enjoy your session! Babies can sense stress. This is your baby's day, and clients are welcome to relax and even take a nap as I work with their newborn baby. I had so many favorites from our session! It was so fun bringing out all the girly props-flowers, pinks, and accessories! I especially loved the mossy basket with all the flowers. I am really excited to edit the rest of Taylors newborn photography session!     Gallatin Newborn PhotographyP I NView full post »

Nashville Tn Newborn Photography

I seriously couldn't even handle Nora June's cuteness when she came into my studio! Look at all her hair, and her perfect little cheeks! She was born into such a beautiful family with the most amazing sisters! One of my specializations is in Nashville Tn Newborn Photography. Because of it, I have the wonderful opportunity to meet many great people! I had so many favorites from our session together. One of my favorites was Nora June wrapped up with her perfect little toes showing! How cute is she? I'm so glad she was a great little sleeper for her session! I am looking forward to editing the rest of her gallery!   Nashville Tn Newborn PhotographyP I NView full post »

Franklin Tn Newborn Portraits

Amelia was a perfect little angel for her newborn session! She had the fuzziest little hair and cutest cheeks. She did so well for our session and I had a blast! Franklin Tn Newborn Portraits is my specialty and I'm so grateful! I truly love being able to meet all my wonderful clients and babies! I loved chatting with Amelia's mommy and daddy during her session. Seriously, I had such a blast! Some of my favorite pictures to take are ones with baby's parents. It's so sweet how newborns love to cuddle and be held close! Pictures like these will be treasured for many years to come. There were so many adorable ones from Amelia's newborn session. It was hard to narrow down for her sneak peek! She looked so cute in the froggy pose with her adorable cheeks. I am so excited to edit the rest from her session!     Franklin Tn Newborn PortraitsP I NView full post »