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Thompson Station Newborn Photography

I was so excited to meet Lincoln in my studio! I mean seriously, look at his perfect little face! His pouty little lips certainly had me swooning. I enjoyed chatting with his parents as I moved Lincoln from pose to pose. He was such a great little poser for me, that always makes sessions so much fun! Thompson Station Newborn Photography is a passion of mine. The best part of my job is being able to capture these priceless moments for clients. I want them to look back in the years to come and remember just how fast their little ones change and grow up! Another reason why I love being a newborn photographer is I get to cuddle with cute little babies all day long. I mean really, is there a better job? (The answer is no!)

Lincoln’s session was full of greens, blues, and grays. I love these colors, especially for baby boys. I believe that sticking with neutral type colors will always remain timeless. You definitely don’t want your images to look dated in the decades to come. Lincoln had the softest blonde hair, too! I love choosing darker type colors for babies with light hair because it really brings out the color.

One of my favorites from our session was Lincoln in the froggy pose. It’s when he has his hands under his chin and you can see his perfect little toes! It’s definitely one of my favorite poses. I love how you can see his cheeks and adorable little lips! Lincoln even gave us a smile as he posed with his mommy! I love when clients incorporate their careers into our newborn sessions. I hope you enjoy Lincoln’s sneak peek because I am excited to edit the rest of his session!



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Nashville Newborn Photographer

Julian was the most adorable little guy ever! I totally fell in love with his cheeks when I saw him-I mean how could you not? There is nothing cuter than putting babies in little bear hats. We used lots of color for Julian’s session, and I loved the variety! I must say, as a Nashville newborn photographer, I always have so much fun at my job!

Tips for Fussy Babies

Even though Julian was the perfect little boy, I want to give some tips on wrapping babies. Sometimes if a baby is fussy, they will always do well being wrapped. This is because it reminds them of the womb- warmth and security. So don’t fret if you have a baby who won’t sleep-wrapping is a great way to begin any newborn session!

We started our session wrapping Julian and posing him on a wire chair. Using my wood floors is one of my favorite backdrops-it add such depth to the images! Here are a few favorites from our session-I hope you enjoy!

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Murfreesboro Newborn Photography

Ok, seriously. Can they come any cuter than Milo? I absolutely LOVED his perfect little lips. He was one amazing little sleeper for us, and I really enjoyed moving this little guy from pose to pose! Using a quilt with Milo was so much fun, and his hat was too cute for words when I did the froggy pose with him.

When to Book Newborn Sessions

I have had clients from Murfreesboro ask me when the best time to book a newborn session is. I take a limited amount of bookings per month, so I can keep my focus on providing high quality images for all my clients. With that said, I definitely would recommend booking while you are pregnant-preferably in the 2 or 3 trimester. Once clients book their session, they are officially put into my calendar. Meeting their sweet little ones are definitely the highlight of my job!

As always, I had a really tough time narrowing down the best images for a newborn sneak peek! Milo absolutely loved being cuddled up next to his mommy! I admired how lovingly his mommy would look at him and hold him-he is so loved! He was the sweetest little guy ever!

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Franklin Baby Photographer

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this beautiful family and watching their beautiful family grow! Their beautiful girls are so lucky to have such loving and amazing parents! You can check out her beautiful family’s previous family session by clicking here!

Liliane was the perfect little sleeper for me. I had so much fun moving her from pose to pose and showcasing her adorable rolls and sweet little face! We got the cutest picture with her big sister-I know they will be the best of friends! Liliane kept giving us the sweetest little smiles.

How to Find the Perfect Newborn Photographer

I often get asked for tips on finding the right newborn photographer for your family’s needs. First, check out a photographer’s website to see their work. Make sure their style and posing is something that takes your breath away. Second, reviews are really good to check out as well. People will usually give honest and insightful reviews on their experience. Lastly, schedule a phone call or meeting with the photographer. You can get an idea if you will work well together. Newborn photographs are so priceless and you can never get that time back, so you want to make sure you go with someone you trust.

I couldn’t handle her cuteness! I don’t even know how I could pick a favorite from our session! Does Franklin Tn have the most adorable babies or what? Here are some recent images featuring Liliane and her beautiful family!


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Ruby Sue – Downtown Franklin Photographer

What can I say about Miss Ruby Sue? She is so darling, and was the best little sleeper for us! I always love busting out my girly headbands and props when I get to photograph newborn girls! I squealed with delight when I saw Ruby for the first time. She is such a gorgeous little baby girl, and I absolutely fell in love with her cheeks!

Ruby’s mommy and daddy own an amazing chocolate company named Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Company in Nashville. Check it out by clicking this link! I actually have a funny story about their newborn session, too! Her daddy got peed on by Miss Ruby right at the beginning of the session! So he had to go and get changed and come back. I always love when funny things happen at newborn sessions-they will be funny stories that can be told for many years to come!

Here are just a few favorites from Ruby’s newborn photography session!

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