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College Grove Tn Newborn Photography

Maverick was so cute and the best little model for me! He had some beautiful eyes, and even gave me a few open eye shots and looked right at me! As a photographer who specializes in College Grove Tn Newborn Photography, I must say I love all the clients I get to meet!

Family Photography

Capturing mom and dad with their little addition is one of my favorite things to do! I love to photograph the beautiful connections babies have with their parents-even at such a young age. Even thinking ahead, these photos will  be so cherished in the many years to come. I always love to encourage clients to get in the photos with the babies!

The only issue with this session was how many favorites I had! Narrowing down for a sneak peek is always the hardest thing to do-esepcially with a baby this cute! My favorite definitely has to be the one with Maverick eye’s open. He was the cutest little thing!


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Gallatin Newborn Photography

Delaney was the sweetest little lady! She has the best big sisters ever! I was amazed at how good they were with their new little sister. I know they will be best friends! She is so lucky to be born into such a loving family! Gallatin Newborn Photography is definitely my specialty!

I had so many favorites from our session together! I love when I get to photograph little girls because I get to bring out all the cute little headbands, outfits, and bonnets! My definite favorites were the ones of Delaney with her big sisters. You could just see the love they have for her in the photos!


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Eagleville Newborn Photography

Derek had the most perfect little face and was such a sweet guy! When clients search Eagleville Newborn Photography, they will often see my studio pop up. I am located in Downtown Franklin and have the privilege of clients from all over Tennessee. Derek is such a loved little guy and I loved seeing the connection his mom and dad had with him. It was so sweet!

These are just a few of my favorites from Derek’s newborn session! I definitely couldn’t handle the cuteness of Derek holding the little deer-so cute! It was also amazing how Derek gave us such perfect eye contact!



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Brentwood Tn Newborn Photographer

Every so often I get a baby that is the best little sleeper-and Evans was one of those babies! He had the sweetest little face and I loved working with him! As a Brentwood Tn Newborn Photographer I have to say that newborn sessions are definitely some of my favorites to photograph! There is certainly nothing like the new baby smell!

Awake Newborn Photos

I rarely get eye contact with newborns as they usually sleep for our sessions. Evans gave us the cutest little expressions-and he had such good eye contact. You can tell he has such a wise little soul when you look into his eyes.

I love incorporating hobbies and careers from clients into newborn sessions. I loved the creative photo we did with the deer antlers in the background-it is definitely one of my favorites from our sessions! As always, I had too many favorites from our session! So, here are just a few! I hope you enjoy!


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Nashville Tn Newborn Photographer

I was so excited when I saw Tristan and his perfect little face! He was the best little sleeper for us! It’s always fun when I get to photograph babies with rolls and chub! Usually clients will find me when they search “Nashville Tn Newborn Photographer” on Google. I am not in Nashville, but my studio is nearby. There are so many perks of being a photographer in Tennessee-we have so many lovely locations to shoot!

Shooting Closeups During Newborn Sessions

Shooting Macro (closeup) shots of newborns is one of my favorite things to do! They change so fast, and getting these little details are so important for parents to remember. Even in just the first year, babies change so much. I love getting their little toes, fingers, lips, eye lashes-every detail is perfection! My clients always are so thankful for us capturing such a fleeting moment in their lives.

I had too many favorites from our session, as always! I definitely loved the one showing all of Tristan’s adorable rolls-so cute! We shot with a lot of earthy tones for Tristan’s session-I love how it turned out! Here are a few other photos from our session-hope you enjoy!



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