Facts and Questions

Getting information & pricing:

The fastest way to reach me is by email.  I will be very responsive during week days.  Emails during the weekend may take a bit longer.  Please include what type of session you are looking for.  For newborns please let me know either your due date or how old your baby is.  You are always welcome to try me by phone, however, I spend a good bit of time photographing and I do have 2 little ones of my own so answering can be difficult at times!

email: heather@junestarphotography.com


Phone: 615-417-4627

Studio Location: 134 4th N St, Franklin TN

**Please note that, unless I am photographing a session, I work from home.  My studio is available to view any time the Bagbey House is open (Monday-Saturday 10-5).  You will need to go up the large staircase, take a left, and go to the last room on the right.  If the door is closed, I am likely with a client.  Please knock.  If the door is open, I am not likely to be there, however you can still take a look around 🙂


It is best to book your session at least 3 months in advance if possible, however I do work in quite a few last minute requests.

Since newborns tend to come when they want to, I like to reserve the due date on the calendar as a placeholder and then I just ask my mommas to get in touch with me within 48 hours of baby's arrival to schedule the session from there.  Newborn sessions are scheduled Mondays-Fridays and typically start about 10:00 am.

Outdoor sessions are always scheduled about an hour and a half before sunset.  Regardless of whether it's a sunny day or a bit overcast, the evening light is always the most flattering for subjects while also giving that nice golden glow you see in my images.  This time changes as the sun sets earlier in the winter and later in the summer.  This is something to keep in mind with little one's bedtimes.

As I mentioned before, I do have 2 little ones that still need me as their mom.  We are all busy during the week so reconnecting on the weekends is as important for us as it is for any other family.  In order to be fair to both clients and my little family, I only schedule one weekend a month.  This is first come, first serve.  There is also an extra fee for weekends which will be explained with your online guide.


I have tons of props for newborns- buckets, baskets, bowls, fluff, blankets, backdrops, hats, headbands, wraps, stuffed animals, etc.  I also carry a selection of maternity gowns.  To see my current selection, please visit this blog post: Props for 3-6-9-12  month olds, kids, and family are more limited.  I prefer a more simplified look for these sessions.  Most of the props you see in my images were provided by my studio.  However, if you have something special you would like me to use, I will always try!  Some prop shots can be dangerous so if there's anything in particular you are hoping for, let's make sure to talk about this prior to your session.

How much time will we spend at our session?

3-6-9-12 sessions and maternity usually last about an hour.

Older kids & families will typically take 1.5 hours.

Newborn "mini" sessions are up to 2 hours.

Full newborn sessions are 3-5 hours.

WHAT?!?!  Why are newborn sessions SO LONG?!@!

If you're unfamiliar with newborn photography, 3-5 hours for a photo session might sound a bit nutty.  Let me take you back to the last time someone was messing with you while you were sleeping.  Imagine them moving your whole body over and over again and straightening out your fingers repeatedly.  Most of us wouldn't like that at all!!  Newborn babies aren't big fans either 🙂  Even at just a few days old it takes several minutes between transitioning poses to soothe newborns back down and into a cute, comfortable position.  The majority of newborn sessions are spent posing baby, soothing, nursing, and cleaning up messes.  The photographing part is the fastest part of it!

What type of newborn session do I need?

If you want the focus to be on baby and you'll be ok with just 15 images of your baby, the mini is the way to go.

If you're hoping for family shots, sibling shots, or any of the trickier poses (ie: froggy or prop shots: link), it's best to go with a full session to ensure we have time for it all.

For families that are ok with just a few poses of baby, but really want a few family or sibling images, you may add on an hour to a mini session at $50/hour.