A Nursing Mother : Arrington Tennessee Newborn Photographer

There is something so special about a nursing mother.  The bond between mom and baby is undeniable.  When the post-pregnancy rush of emotions come on, combined with the hungry cries of a newborn, nursing is that relaxing, quiet, peaceful time.

As a mom who nursed for 16 months, those memories are precious.  It was not always easy, but it was very natural.  The way I got to know my daughter was somewhat primal.  Eventually I just KNEW what she needed.  It’s a body-soul connection.  The beauty of being a mom.

I was proud to be a nursing mother.  I even bought myself an awesome nursing shirt that read: “I Make Milk.  What’s your Superpower?“.  And I wore it.  Everywhere.

As proud as I was of nursing, I was surprisingly shy.  Not only did I have my nursing shirts that covered up almost everything, I also had Hooter Hiders.  I didn’t just wear them in public.  I often didn’t want to leave the room if I had company, but I covered up as best as I could.  I’m not sure if I was covering up so much for myself, or for the comfort of others.  I look back at some of those anxiety filled moments and think: goodness girl, chill out!

As I remember these moments, I’m a bit sad.  I am so thankful that I was blessed with the ability to nurture my baby from my own body.  But, I spent so much time covered up that I don’t have a single image to remember that time by.  I was way too shy to ask my photographer friend who did a lifestyle session for us at 10 days old.  I don’t even remember if it came up or if I just whisked myself away when it was nursing time.  Probably the latter. I do remember asking my husband, once, to take some photos, but he never really got into the mother-baby connection.  Pregnancy, hormones, and all the newborn stuff was not really his thing.  He never picked up the camera. I’m glad I have my memories.  They will have to do for now.  And if there ever is a #2, I will make sure to get some photos.

Which brings me to my point.  If you come to me with a newborn, and you’re nursing, I will ask you if you would like some photos.  Whether we are new or long-time friends, I will ask.  I often get that wide-eyed “you want to do WHAT?” look, but it’s not to make anyone uncomfortable.  I usually go into a bit of my story and say “think about it”.  I’m so thankful that this mother said yes, and allowed me to post her images.  She had started to give me that look, and it took some convincing, but I KNOW she is happy to have these.  Why wouldn’t she?  Simply Beautiful.






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