Bynlee {9 months} : Columbia Tennessee Baby Photographer

Oh, Miss Bynlee, you kill me with your cuteness!!  I love watching you grow!

Funny little girl had everything in her mouth this time around!

Mmmm…phones are delicious 🙂

Look at that sass!

When she was done playing around, she let that true beauty shine:

My purple blanket girl.  It’s hard to believe we break this thing out every 3 months.  I bought this blanket about 8 years ago at a garage sale for, like, $5.  I was moving into my first house and had very little.  I never did use it much, and if you had told me then that I would wind up using it for newborn and baby photoshoots, I would not have believed you.  Not for a minute!  Boy, does Bynlee look good on this ‘ol blanket though 🙂  I love seeing how she’s grown, but beyond that, I love seeing how my style has changed as well.  I had photographed less than a handful of newborns when Bynlee first came to me and everything was so new.  Nine+ months later, I’m still learning and developing and finding that style that feels like me, like home.  3 months and 9 months look a whole lot alike and those are definitely my favorites, as far as editing goes.  I would say it looks like I’m comin’ ’round full circle!


Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering- Bynlee’s mom will get a re-edit of her favorite purple blanket photo from each session so she has a matching set at the end of the year 😉

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