Chris & Lisa’s Wedding

Let me start this post by saying- I am not a wedding photographer.  It says so in the “about me” section of this website.  I will love on and photograph babies ALL DAY LONG, but honestly, the thought of photographing a wedding kind of makes me want to vomit.

So, imagine the horror I felt when some good friends of ours are discussing their wedding arrangements and I casually ask: who is your wedding photographer and get the answer: “oh, we’re just going to take the pictures that guests take on their cell phones and cameras, you know, whatever they get”.  Me: GULP.

Let’s rewind a little bit and introduce Chris.  I first met Chris after I had only known Mike, my (then) boyfriend (now husband) for a few weeks.  Chris was determined to give me the hazing of a lifetime.  The first night we met was Mike’s birthday.  We were late getting to the restaurant to meet all his friends and celebrate and they told me and the girlfriend I brought with us that there was not enough room at the table for us.  A few of Mike’s friends started to try and make some room, but Chris put his foot down.  These girls would not be sitting at his table.  So, we sat at the bar- halfway across the restaurant.  About a week later we had another table incident at another bar, in which Chris pretended we were not even there and happily sat down at another table.  I was highly annoyed as Mike went over to chat with him, leaving me at the table I had secured.  At that moment I turned around and gave him a mouthful.  I remember the surprised look on his face as he resigned to come sit with us, and how he turned into a big softie over the years to come.  He has apologized many times for those first few meetings and has come to be a very good friend to us.  We love him and his family- mom and dad, brothers and sister, as if they were our own family.  Every single one of them.

Now, Chris is not the serial dater kind of guy.  In fact, I had not seen him date anyone in the entire 7ish years I had known him.  Until the time was right for him and Lisa.  They already knew each other as acquaintances, but once the romance began it was clear these two were meant to be together.  I am just so thrilled that God brought them together.  I’ve never seen Chris happier, and though I haven’t known Lisa as long, I already love her dearly.

So, here I am, sitting with what had to be an absolutely horrible look on my face after they tell me they are going to “just use cell phone” pictures from the wedding, thinking- I need to offer to photograph their wedding, but can I really put my big girl britches on and do this?  So, I probably turned green and went ahead and offered.  And would you believe it, THEY DECLINED.  Yep!  They said they wanted me to have fun and not work, say whhhaaat?

Well, I dug around in my drawers some more and found some bigger big girl britches and cornered Lisa during a party.  It’s hard for me to do this, y’all, I am a non-confrontational person and this felt like confrontation to me.  Regardless, I told her I realllly wanted to photograph their wedding.  Chris has done so much for us over the years and truly, it would be an honor to return the favor.  I don’t have much else to give, but this is something I could do.  I told her how neat it would be to have pictures of her getting ready with her mom and sister, and all the details you forget about later.  She slowly started shaking her head and finally said: I didn’t think about that part, you know, that WOULD be kind of nice.  She called Chris over and we talked and all agreed that I would gift them with wedding photography.


It really was a joy and honor to capture these two on their special day.  I may not be the best wedding photographer out there, and I had some flash issues, but I am pretty pleased with my first go-around at it.  There are many, many more, but for now, enjoy the “preview” 🙂


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