Franklin Birth Photographer: Holland

I went to look for this blog post and could not find it anywhere.  Is it possible that I just posted these on facebook and neglected to put them on the blog?  Yes, very much so.

Watching this little girl come into this world was pretty amazing.  If you’ve never watched a birth, I can’t really describe it.  I just don’t have the words.  BUT, if a photo is worth 1,000, well then, I guess I have a few words below:

Holland Birth-9

grandmaHolland Birth-1Holland Birth-1-2Holland Birth-1-3Holland Birth-2Holland Birth-2-2Holland Birth-2-3Holland Birth-3Holland Birth-4Holland Birth-5Holland Birth-6Holland Birth-7Holland Birth-8Holland Birth-10Holland Birth-11Holland Birth-12Holland Birth-13Holland Birth-14Holland Birth-15Holland Birth-16Holland Birth-17Holland Birth-18Holland Birth-19Holland Birth-20Holland Birth-21Holland Birth-22Holland Birth-23Holland Birth-24








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