June Star Photography : Branded!


I have been considering getting branded for a while, ever since I started this business.  I think it’s so important to have a certain look that no one else has, something unique, something that screams YOU!!  I think we all strive to achieve this, a little day by day.  So, one day I started browsing.  I really didn’t have any intention of buying a branding package.  Most of the well-known designers I had heard of in the past were way out of my budget and also had a 4-6 week wait time.  I understand wait times as I typically have one myself, but if I can get something soon, that seals the deal for me.  That’s when I ran across Designed By Kaye on Etsy.  I loved her look, and her feedback, and her prices.  I went for it.  I put the package in my cart, checked out, and sat, biting my nails with excitement.  (bad habit, I know)  It didn’t take long to hear from Kaye and get a questionnaire to find out likes, dislikes, etc.  I can not say that we nailed the designs from the get-go.  I am very picky, a little bit difficult, and have a hard time articulating what I want, but Kaye was extremely sweet and patient with me and she kept trying, and trying.  She would give me her opinion when I got to a point that I’d say “I just don’t know”.  In the end, she put together the PERFECT set for me.  I love, love, LOVE it, and cannot recommend her enough.  Take a look:


She also put together a timeline cover and some new business cards for HeatherBell:



Ohh, I love it all so much.  I’m so glad I chose this lady and clicked “add to cart”.  If you’re looking for a new logo, branding, or any other design, make sure you contact Kaye and let her know I referred you to receive a special discount!  Her Etsy shop is located here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DesignedByKaye and her website is here:http://designedbykaye.com/.


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