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I first got to meet Miss Nola when she was just a few days old for her newborn session.  Sweet little thing had tons of dark hair and these amazingly chubby cheeks.  When she showed up for her 6 month session with those same cheeks, I was so thankful to see they hadn’t disappeared.  They are still there at 12 months and just as adorable as ever!  Her momma affectionately refers to one of her smiles “the one where it looks like her lips got stuck sideways”.  And you can see, it kind of does look like with those big ‘ol cheeks of hers!  She has such a wide array of expressions, this girl.  I couldn’t help but capture the range she was going through when we first met up.  I think if I was her momma, I might just want to hang 6 frames just like this 🙂

Nashville Baby Photographer

what age do babies walk

playing in the leaves with children

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Sweet one-year-old Nola captured by Nashville Baby Photographer, Heather, at June Star Photography

  1. Cara Smith says:

    Beautiful girl, beautiful pictures.

  2. Nicki Burleson says:

    Wow! What a beauty!

  3. I could squeeze that sweet baby!! Love these pictures!!

  4. Susan McDowell says:

    Such a cutie!!!!

  5. Nick Shong says:

    What a beautiful girl and great pictures. They look amazing.

  6. Monica Hayes says:

    Nola is THE cutest!! Love her and her sweet mommy and daddy!

  7. Tonya Nuckolls Smith says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful!!

  8. Jordan says:

    These pictures are so good!

  9. Heidi Boggs says:

    Beautiful pictures! Nola is precious!

  10. Melissa Boggs says:

    So cute!!!

  11. Erin Gleason says:


  12. Carrie McAlister says:

    She is adorable!!!!!

  13. Heather Jones says:

    She is precious!! Great pictures 🙂

  14. Lisa Mcilvain says:

    Love our Nola!!!! She is gorgeous!!!

  15. Lisa Blase says:

    Great photos! Nola is adorable and apparently very photogenic!!

  16. Amanda Kelley says:

    She has to be the most adorable baby ever!

  17. Michelle Murakami says:

    Beautiful photos and a beautifully happy little girl!!!

  18. Hannah Shong says:

    What a sweet baby girl! These are great!

  19. Karen says:

    So sweet!!!

  20. Ashley Jackson says:

    So happy with these, as always!

  21. Debbie Jackson says:

    Our beautiful Nola. So many sweet expressions… her! She is our sunshine everyday. Compliments to the photographer on capturing her many precious ways of expressing herself.

  22. Christy Boggs says:

    Sweet Nola! Aunt Christy loves you! How will we ever pick? They are all so good!!

  23. Megan says:

    The pictures are beautiful!
    She is just too cute.

  24. natalie torbett says:

    Beautiful baby beautiful photography

  25. Hannah Danley says:

    Precious little Nola!

  26. Becca Hughes says:

    Nola is so precious! I miss y’all! Great pictures!!

  27. Craig Jackson says:

    Cute little girls = broke daddy! Love the pictures.

  28. Katie says:

    She is just too cute!

  29. Ashley Jones says:

    Such a cutie!

  30. Michael Boggs says:

    Wonderful pics!

  31. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful outfits! Beautiful girl!

  32. Katie Beth McCarthy says:

    Gorgeous baby girl!!! Great photography!

  33. David Boggs says:

    Thes pics are wonderful

  34. Sarah says:

    She is so pretty!!

  35. Laura LaPrad says:

    She’s got the face of a little angel! Her personality really shines through!

  36. Cynthia Routon says:

    Darling pictures of such a sweet little gal!

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