Ally | Columbia Child Photographer

Every now and again I get to photograph a child that I know a little bit better than the ones I simply see at my photo sessions.  On one hand, it’s a heartwarming experience.  On the other, they are so used to me that my tricks don’t work as well 🙂         Allybug is pretty immune to my charm, though she does like my laugh, ha!  We had to work hard to get her to cooperate this time.  Then again, some of that is just her age.  Nevertheless, she is just as adorable as ever.  I could squeeze those cheeks  all day long.

toddler girl riding carousel horse photo

baby girl wearing a snowman hat at Christmas time

silly faces through the terrible twos

the wondering look of a child

christmas sled prop

side profile of pretty little girl holding christmas ornament

Images by Heather at June Star Photography | Columbia Child Photographer

  1. Tiffany says:

    Heather I love them so much! Thank you!!!

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