Newborn Photographer | Lydia

Like her older siblings, Lydia is a stunning little baby.  I just adore her dark curly hair and her gorgeous skin tone.  She is one beautiful girl.  Here are my favorite images from her newborn photography session:

Newborn Photographer

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Captured by Nashville Area’s Newborn Photographer, Heather, at June Star Photography

  1. Joy says:

    So beautiful! What a precious little bundle. 😉

  2. Joyce says:

    I just love her sweet little hands!

  3. SO beautiful. My fav is probably the 1st one but really hard to pick 🙂

  4. Laura B says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful baby! The photos are incredible! 🙂

  5. Claire Rotering says:

    Lovely beyond words. What a doll. The photos are amazing.

  6. Amanda says:

    Oh my goodness! She is too squishy!

  7. Jessica says:

    These are amazing photos! I really like the fiber one!

  8. Peggy Jones says:

    I am sleeping it’s nice here! That’s why I am pretty I get my beauty rest!!;

  9. vivian says:

    beautiful pictures of beautiful babe. Even her little fingernails look manicured.

  10. Melvin jones says:

    Not only is she Lizzie 2.0, she now has the moniker “Lydia Big Hands”

  11. Eve Soto says:

    Beautiful pictures… I am sure somehow Lavender was involved in this shooting. She looks so peaceful.

  12. Andrea says:

    She’s SO perfect. What a beauty.

  13. Alicia says:

    I Just cannot get over how beautiful this little bundle is!!! These pictures turned out wonderfully. Love them 🙂

  14. kelly irizarry says:

    her newborn pics are a equally as gorgeous as your maternity shots….thank you for sharing

  15. Megan says:

    SOOOOOOO beautiful–these shots capture her little chin perfectly! I wish I was close enough to “snuggle” her!

  16. Shayna Cleveland says:


  17. Sally Farrington says:

    Gorgeous photos of such a precious little one!

  18. Kim hall says:

    Such a sweet baby.

  19. Valencia R Scott says:

    Such a beautiful baby!!! Wonderful photography!

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