Brentwood Family Photographer

It’s not often that I photograph large families.  I’m a pretty quiet person, so the sudden influx of energy and different personalities can be quite a challenge for me.  With 5 grandchildren ages 13, 3, 2, 1, and 3 weeks in this family,I think we all felt a little bit like baby wranglers!  The parents were all so light hearted, helpful, and fun that we really had a good time trying to get the kids to look and smile at the camera.  They are all very sweet together, but some of the candid moments where they were walking around or wrapped up in what they were doing wound up being some of my favorites.  Here are a few that I love from this summer family session:

Brentwood Family Photographer



  1. Amanda Gaw says:

    These photos are a gift for a great-grandmother’s birthday and are of her grandchildren with children. The session was very high energy and produced some of the sweetest and most tender photos I’ve ever seen of my family. The great-grandmother is thrilled with the results – and that was the goal. Thank you Heather for capturing these wonderful moments!

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