Ramsey | Franklin Newborn Baby Photographer

I have a ton of favorites from little Ramsey’s newborn session.  He was such a good baby!  He fussed a tiny bit at the very beginning of the session, but his momma was happy to help out with holding him while I posed and once she put her hands on him, he was happy as could be!  Never heard another peep out of this little guy!

Here’s what Ramsey’s momma had to say about her newborn session:  If you’re looking for an AMAZING photographer June Star is it!!! Heather is very kind and patient. I could not be more pleased with my newborn session. I will cherish the pictures for a lifetime.

Thank you sweet lady 🙂

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  1. Patsy Zeidnan says:

    Sweet pictures.

  2. Gwen says:

    Love the pics of Baylor and Ramsey!

  3. Robby Allen says:

    I wonder how Ben worked it out to have a pretty family like this.

  4. Renee says:

    Adorable photos!

  5. Wilson Allen says:

    Wow! What great photo’s

  6. Matt says:

    Great pics! Cute whippers!

  7. Nancy Zeidman says:

    AMAZING!!!!! Love love love!!!!!!

  8. Nikki Robinson says:

    Adorable pictures of these sweet precious kids! Love love love!

  9. Laurie says:

    The one of Rachel and Ramsey is breathtaking! The one of B holding him is priceless! Beautiful!!

  10. Patrick says:

    Pictures look amazing! Baylor is gonna be a great older brother!

  11. Michelle wilson says:

    Absolutely perfect pictures of the most beautiful baby boys! Congrats Ben and Rachel on such a wonderful family!!!!

  12. Jason Burch says:

    Future Heismans!

  13. Robert Lamb says:

    Amazing pictures!

  14. Bill Hinds says:

    Outstanding pictorial of the Zeidman family. Absolutely stunning.

  15. Tiffany King says:

    Wonderful pictures!

  16. Emmett Webb says:

    Very Precious ! Such a peaceful little baby…so sweet !

  17. J. Jordan says:

    Beautiful baby!!

  18. Heather says:

    These are so precious!!

  19. Kevin butler says:

    Good lookin picks

  20. Ben Z says:

    Thanks for the comments folks!

  21. Laura Severn says:

    Love the pictures! So sweet to have captured those precious moments between brothers!

  22. Nathan Wilson says:

    Wow these are so precious. Love the brother pics the best but they are all great. Well done!

  23. Justin Harris says:

    Great pics bro. Sad to say, kid looks like his Daddy though.

  24. megan says:

    This are absolutely precious!

  25. Drew Troxler says:

    I’m with Robby on this one. Ha. Two good looking future Rebels!

  26. Richie Haik says:

    Great pictures, and what a cute little pellet!

  27. Jen Rowlett says:

    Sweet brothers! Love the photos!

  28. Shanna Ninke says:

    These pictures are so adorable! Love the sibling shots!

  29. David Biggs says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  30. Emily Kelsey says:

    Amazing!! These are so wonderful! ♥

  31. Heather richardson says:

    precioys pics, precious family

  32. Bobby Waechter says:

    Awesome little guys! Super cute!

  33. Amber Fortenberry says:

    Sweetest pictures! Love them and this sweet family!

  34. Jennifer Holden says:

    These are beautiful!!

  35. Jane Ann says:

    Ben, these are gorgeous pictures. Such beautiful babies! I love the ones of them together. So so sweet.

  36. Wyatt McEachern says:

    Great Pictures!!!!!!

  37. Heather Pinter says:

    SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  38. Ashley Hanne says:

    All are adorable! My favorite is the 2nd to last picture of baby Ramsey and his little bottom up in the air!

  39. Cathy Askins says:

    These are incredible! Love the one with Baylor playing with the baby’s hair. Beuatiful children!

  40. Jan says:

    Love. Love. Love!!

  41. Ken Ford says:

    Great Pictures!

  42. Barrett Page says:

    Great pics, Zeidman’s!

  43. Kathleen Yates says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  44. Ricky Robinson says:

    Beautiful Family

  45. ADRIENNE WARD says:

    These are so sweet!!! You have beautiful babies!

  46. Penny Tidwell says:

    So tiny and so sweet!! Beautiful photos!

  47. Faye Wallin says:

    My beautiful sister and nephews! LOVE these!

  48. Cheryl Herceg says:

    Beautiful. Love big brother’s glasses!

  49. Karla McCamish says:

    Love the Pics!!

  50. Jody Roblyer says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, love babies, and once worked as a Newborn Nursery Nurse. These pictures show a newborn the way they really look and in cute poses. My favorite is with his eyes are open! Congratulations! Lovely pics!!!

  51. Charlene Young says:

    Precious pictures!

  52. B Lisle says:

    Precious. God is so good. Great pics!

  53. Sarah Butler says:

    These pictures are fabulous! So cute!

  54. Jack T says:

    Great pics

  55. Rebekah Pace says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  56. May-Ronny Zeidman says:

    The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sending them to me.

  57. Troy Zeidman says:

    Beautiful pictures on my nephews.

  58. A M Zeidman says:

    Great looking boys!

  59. Bread man says:

    Best darn baby pics I have ever see other than my own son.

  60. Maggie says:


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