Spring Hill Newborn Photographer | Kate

This little beauty was my first newborn of 2015. Β She made me a very happy photographer with this big smile of hers!

Here’s what Kate’s momma, Krissy, had to say about our session:

Heather is remarkably calming and professional. She did a wonderful job taking care of my darling newborn Kate. I felt as if Heather was caring for her, as her own. She is very gentle and talented in working with delicate newborns. While she worked I was completely comfortable and actually able to put my feet up for a bit. I knew Kate was in good hands right away. The pictures are exquisite. I am beyond pleased with them. I knew a while ago if I ever got the chance to have professional photos made of my babies it would be with June Star Photography. She is the best in my book and many others as you’ll see.

Thank you so much!

Spring Hill Newborn Photographer (9)

Spring Hill Newborn Photographer (1)Spring Hill Newborn Photographer (2)Spring Hill Newborn Photographer (3)Spring Hill Newborn Photographer (5)Spring Hill Newborn Photographer (4)Spring Hill Newborn Photographer (6)Spring Hill Newborn Photographer (7)Spring Hill Newborn Photographer (8)Spring Hill Newborn Photographer (10)


  1. Beth Jinkerson says:

    Astound lay lovely! Wow!!

  2. Christie Johnson says:

    Absolutely breathtaking! Beautiful baby girl and beautiful mama!

  3. Krista says:

    So adorable! What a sweet girl!

  4. Katie Fallon says:

    So beautiful they made me cry! Krissy she is absolutely perfect! I love the last one <3

  5. Lisa says:

    What a gorgeous little doll! Great photos!

  6. Laura says:

    Awww a sweet little one. πŸ™‚

  7. Greg says:

    These pictures are stunning.

  8. Kim Byers says:

    Such sweet pictures!!!

  9. Lorelei says:

    Sweet baby girl!

  10. Jamie Page says:

    Great photos! Very nice work.

  11. Bettyann says:

    Beautiful capture of the beginning of Katherine’s delightful personality!

  12. Denice says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl

  13. Emily says:

    She’s just perfect, and these pictures look like a dream. πŸ™‚

  14. Julie says:

    Beautiful baby. Squish!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous photos of such a beautiful baby!!

  16. Mikaela Gray says:

    What a wonderful job mommy, baby, and photographer all did! These are stunning!!

  17. Tracy says:

    best newborn pics I’ve ever seen! So beautiful!

  18. these pictures ok Krissy Jinkerson and her little girl Kate are the most beautiful pictures!!!!!! Omw!!!

  19. Lindsey Elliott says:

    These are precious!

  20. Natalie says:


  21. Hannah N. says:

    She is just precious! Beautiful pics of a sweet little girl πŸ™‚

  22. Rachel says:

    What lovely pictures of a beautiful mom and daughter!

  23. Olivia says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful!

  24. Libby says:

    She is gorgeous like her mama! The photos are amazing! Wonderful job.

  25. Lynda & Dennis Jinkerson says:

    Please let everyone be aware that the stunning young model is our granddaughter.

  26. Dennis Jinkerson says:

    The stunning young model is my granddaughter.

  27. Madelyn says:

    Those pictures are so beautiful! I love every one of them! πŸ™‚

  28. Jane says:

    Loverly photos, great poses, sweet baby

  29. Melanie says:

    she is beautiful!! I am so happy for you!

  30. Joe says:

    Great stuff! Beautiful!

  31. Gloria says:

    How sweet!

  32. gary wright says:

    Un-believable job on these pics!

  33. Leloni Hamilton says:

    These are beautiful!

  34. Kirsten Heath says:

    baby lips and fingertips are just the sweetest. Just precious.

  35. Margo says:

    I love the pic of mom and baby, Krissy you look beautiful. All the pics are gorgeous.

  36. Christine Douglas says:

    I love her sweet little poses!

  37. Barbara Danner says:

    Such a talented photographer, beautiful baby and mother! You’ll treasure these photos always!

  38. Candas Goodin says:

    Oh My Goodness these pictures are so beautiful!

  39. Holly Brannan says:

    I just had pictures done with my newborn So I see the amazing work this photographer did. Truly wonderful poses and pics and a beautifully sweet baby!

  40. Clara says:

    These are great pictures. Kate is beautiful.

  41. Tyra says:

    Beautiful pictures. Kate is adorable and the photographer did a great job too. I wonder how you got so many great shots with Kate asleep.

  42. Deborah Spann says:

    Beautiful photos! GREAT photographer!

  43. sk says:

    Perfect! Baby, Momma & photos — life doesn’t get any better!

  44. Anna says:

    All of them are precious – but that first one is positively adorable! How great to have a talented photographer capture this fleeting period of time.

  45. Susan Welch says:

    Absolutely precious pictures of baby Kate, and the one of Krissy and Kate is so beautiful. You can tell the photographer put a lot of time and love into these pictures!

  46. Nancy D. says:

    Beautiful little girl

  47. Sarah lieder says:

    Love the photos, she’s so precious!

  48. Matt says:

    Great pics! What a cutie.

  49. Amanda D says:

    Oh, she is such a darling!

  50. Hey, that’s my niece, the beautiful Kate and my sister-in-law Krissy. Great pics! My compliments to the photographer, who is obviously gifted and dedicated to her craft.

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