Eric | Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

It’s not often that I get to photograph a newborn lifestyle session, but that’s just what was in order for this little guy.  His parents had already planned on a lifestyle session and I’m so glad they did.  Much like my own son, Eric had a little bit of a rough start.  His mom & dad were trying to figure out why he was crying so much so we had some rescheduling to do.  By the time we finally got together, he was about 3.5 weeks old.  Even though he continued to cry through our session, it was a pleasure capturing this sweet family during their first few weeks together.  I know exactly how it feels to be so in love with this new little person and also tired at the same time.  It was neat to capture those looks that parents give each other in the midst of all those emotions.  Parenthood is a funny, rewarding, worrying, fulfilling, exhausting, precious adventure 🙂  Here’s what Eric’s momma had to say about our session together:

Heather is an amazing photographer! Our baby is extremely fussy and we had to reschedule a couple of times, usually at the last minute, and she was so great every time. When we finally were able to get her out to our house I couldn’t have asked for anyone more patient and understanding. She took her time with not only my son but our two dogs. She made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. My husband and I joked that if we got one good picture it would be a miracle since our son pretty much cried through the whole thing. When I viewed the photos I was speechless! There were so many amazing pictures! I can’t wait to schedule our next set of photos.

Thank you so much Lynn! I know how hard life can be with a new baby, especially when they’re not feeling well. You guys powered through like champs and I’m so very thrilled that you love the photos so much. I think we got a great combination of posed images and everyday real life. Of course I would love to be your photographer again for your next session!




  1. Lynn says:

    I can’t thank you enough for these amazing pictures! We will cherish these forever:)

  2. Amanda Koelling says:

    Love the natural setting for these pics! And soooo glad you included Gibbs & Ziva (although they probably included themselves) Love this family and love these photos!!!! Great job!

  3. Stacey says:

    These are great! Love how all of the little details of his room are captured and that they were at your home. You all look fabulous, too!

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