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Wyatt is a handsome little peanut.  I think he looks an awful lot like his momma.  He wasn’t up for sleeping through his whole session, but we still got some really cute images of this tiny tyke.

Speaking of sleep…here is an enlightening tip from Dr. Sears on how to get your newborn baby to sleep.  With as many newborns as I’ve worked with, I can definitely tell the difference in light and deep sleep.  He’s got it right!

How your infant sleeps (from Ask Dr. Sears)

You’re rocking, walking, or nursing your baby and her eyelids droop as she begins to nod off in your arms. Her eyes close completely, but her eyelids continue to flutter and her breathing is still irregular. Her hands and limbs are flexed, and she may startle, twitch, and show fleeting smiles, called “sleep grins.” She may even continue a flutter-like sucking. Just as you bend over to deposit your “sleeping” baby in her crib so you can creep quietly away, she awakens and cries. That’s because she wasn’t fully asleep. She was still in the state of light sleep when you put her down. Now try your proven bedtime ritual again, but continue this ritual longer (about twenty more minutes). You will notice that baby’s grimaces and twitches stop; her breathing becomes more regular and shallow, her muscles completely relax. Her fisted hands unfold and her arms and limbs dangle weightlessly. Martha and I call this “limp-limb” sign of deep sleep. Baby is now in a deeper sleep, allowing you to put her down and sneak away, breathing a satisfying sigh of relief that your baby is finally resting comfortably.

Alas, here are some of my favorites from Wyatt’s newborn photography session:

baby back wrinkles

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