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Baby Lila was such a good newborn for me.  She is absolutely adorable, obviously.  Her momma is stunning- see below- I think you’ll agree.  I asked her if she wanted a picture with her baby and she asked me if she should…I was kind of like…are you serious?!  Get in front of my camera!  Gorgeous pair, these two.  I enjoyed every minute!

Just for fun- here’s a few facts about newborns:

  1. No Kneecaps : On birth, babies do not have kneecaps. Rather they have a structure of cartilage that resembles kneecaps. They usually don’t develop them fully until after six months. Most seen on babies who “army crawl” instead of doing it on all fours.
  2. May Babies Are The Heaviest : One would think that January sees the heaviest babies given all the holiday eating but this is untrue. May is actually the month that sees the heaviest babies born. Usually about an average of 200 grams heavier than any other month.
  3. They Can’t Cry : They can scream and holler for what they want or need, but newborns can’t technically cry. Tears can’t actually be created or released until about three weeks in. However, in some cases, it isn’t unusual for babies to shed their first tears until four or five months.
  4. They Have More Bones : When babies are born, they have 300 bones. Adults have 206. Bones fuse together during growth to come up with the new number.
  5. Birthmarks Are The Rule, Not Exception : If your newborn has a birthmark or other abnormality, this is actually normal. Around 80% of all babies are born with some form. The most common include stork bites and port wine stains.

Interesting, huh?!

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