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I’ve photographed sweet baby June’s family before, a couple times, so I was pretty excited when they told me they had a baby on the way!  I reached out to Kim and suggested doing a newborn session and I hope they are happy they did.  Baby June was so good for me and gave me lots of light-up-the-room smiles.  Seriously, her whole face would just light up.  I have a feeling she’s going to make a lot of people happy with that grin 😀

And since I’m on a roll with fun newborn facts, here’s a few more:

  1. Newborns Can Hear As Well As You : They will startle at just about anything. Not because it is louder or softer, but because it is new. Smell is also advanced at this age.
  2. Eyesight Isn’t Much Worse, Either : According to BabyCenter, a newborn’s eyesight is just about as good as an adult’s. However, their brains aren’t able to process information as well and usually start out at about eight to 15 inches of range.
  3. A Turned Head Means A Full Belly : Your newborn didn’t just see something interesting. If he or she turns her head at a spoonful of food, it is because they are full. This is also where shaking your head “no” comes from.
  4. Mama Is Number One : It only takes a few weeks in before a baby can visually distinguish between his or her mother and other adults. The constant sounds and sights are soothing to the child and are missed when gone. However, the voice and smell of the mother can be recognized from birth.
  5. Smile Time : A baby is typically capable of their first non-gassy smile at only one month old. Try engaging them with funny faces or voices to see if they are ready. If unsure about a smile, repeat the gag as necessary.

nashville newborn photos

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  1. Dana Munson says:

    This photo is beautiful.

  2. Heather says:

    These pictures are precious! Baby June is so beautiful and I can’t get over that sweet smile!

  3. Keri says:

    So Sweet!!

  4. Bonnie says:

    Precious Baby June!!

  5. Dot maxey says:

    you really captured her little personality! She has such a sweet smile
    Thank You

  6. Jenny says:

    What fabulous pictures! Love them all!

  7. Patricia Battle says:

    love you baby June. So cute!

  8. Nickie Harper says:

    Sweet baby beautiful pictures

  9. Cindy pedigo says:

    Beautiful baby, beautiful pictures

  10. Nakita Gardner says:

    Such a sweet,precious baby! Excellent pictures!

  11. Frank Gailbreath says:

    Beautiful baby June! Amazing shots

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