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The last time I saw Allman she was just a newborn.  It’s so sweet to see her sitting up, smiling her cute lil grin, and doing the things a 6-7 month old does 🙂  I have a lot of moms who want to come in RIGHT at 3 months, or RIGHT at 6 months (and so on), but sometimes I think it’s better to wait a little while.   While I don’t want to discount the importance of turning 6 months old- hey, that’s an important milestone- I find that the best way to capture this moment in baby’s life is to wait until they are sitting.  Every baby is different, but most 6 month old’s start their month by rolling.  They gradually work up those tummy muscles so they can sit up and some will even start rocking on their hands and knees while others will be full-blown crawling by the end of the month!  I find this to be one of the happiest times for most babies.  They are just thrilled with their new-found abilities.  The development of the sitting muscles also seems to settle colic and other tummy issues so most babies this age are just smiling away!  Allman gave me lots of cute little looks and grins…she was even standing up by the fence with a little assistance!  I just love her and her family, they are always so fun to be around.  Here are a couple of my favorites from this baby’s girls session:

baby photographer

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