Addie {6 months} | Columbia TN Baby Photographer

What a joy it is to see this sweet little lady again during our six month session! Addie is one of my grow with me babies so I have been so lucky to capture her a few times already. You can hop on over to view her 3 month session and her newborn session as well! As her usual self she didn’t disappoint with handing out smiles like our past sessions. Her parents sure didn’t disappoint either with this awesome personalized unicorn! I am pretty sure I loved it just as much as little Addie did. Her precious red hair is coming in a little bit more and she couldn’t be more adorable with her creamy skin to go along with it. She is getting more curious about her surroundings and it was so much fun capturing her in this stage of her life. I always look forward to our sessions together for a few reasons, first she is such a joy to photography, and secondly like all of my grow with me babies they become such a special part of my life. This adorable little lady’s serious face is just as precious as her smiley one and I look forward to seeing her and all her faces again!

Columbia Baby Photographer (1)
Columbia Baby Photographer (2)Columbia Baby Photographer (3)Columbia Baby Photographer (4)Columbia Baby Photographer (5)Columbia Baby Photographer (6)Columbia Baby Photographer (7)Columbia Baby Photographer (8)Columbia Baby Photographer (9)

  1. Evelyn says:

    Precious photos of sweet Addie! Love the baby-in-a-basket pic!

  2. Karen Sturgill says:

    Addie is a living doll, so precious.

  3. John Zimmer says:

    Great pics

  4. Megan says:

    Beautiful baby, beautiful family!

  5. Phil and LK says:

    We love these sweet people, and Addie is SO precious. You’ve done an awesome job capturing her sweet spirit. I’ve LOVED the pictures!

  6. Mimi says:

    Beautiful photos again of my sweet granddaughter!

  7. Tammy King says:

    Addie is absolutely adorable in these photos. There is just no way to pick a favorite. They all are fantastic!

  8. Julie Davis says:

    She is just so adorable!!! Beautiful pics!

  9. Jessica Grooms says:

    Sweet baby! Beautiful pictures!!

  10. Whitni Blackwell says:

    BEAUTIFUL sweet baby girl! Love all the pictures! :))

  11. Holly Potter says:

    Love these pictures of sweet Addie and her parents!!

  12. Erin Sheppard says:

    Such a cutie pie! Beautiful photos!!

  13. Kelli Phillips says:

    She’s so expressive!! I love it!

  14. Deb Kenyon says:

    Just absolutely adorable! Awesome pictures!

  15. Diana Payne says:

    Love these pictures of this beautiful baby.

  16. kristy hall says:

    I like the unicorn one and the one with her hand over your mouth. That is cute.

  17. Mary Beth says:

    Love seeing sweet pics of this little cutie!!

  18. Ruth says:

    Love these sweet pictures.

  19. Herman says:

    Doesn’t get any cuter than this! Great pictures!

  20. Hannah says:

    Such a sweet girl!

  21. Beth Hickman says:

    Love them all!! Precious!

  22. Mary Lou Baker says:

    That’s a sweet angel you have there Terri and Jeremy.

  23. Winnie Branham says:

    Our beautiful great-granddaughter. Cannot choose a favorite one – they are all so wonderful and captured her sweet personality.

  24. Burns Mullins says:

    Really great pictures.

  25. James says:

    Love this little girl!

  26. Terry says:

    That’s my girl! These are the best pictures yet!! Thanks so much!!!

  27. Linda says:

    What beautiful photos of such a lovely family.

  28. Kaylyn says:


  29. Patty ONeal says:

    These are great shots of a pretty baby.

  30. Tiff says:

    Gorgeous pictures!

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