Anna {3 Months} | TN Baby Photographer

I just love having little 3 month olds in the studio, they are so very sweet and Anna is no exception. Being able to capturing their little details that have changed so much in a short amount of time is just too precious. Sweet little Anna had just the right amount of baby chub still and perfectly filled out cheeks. But her big curious eyes full of wonder stole the show I would have to admit. She was so content during our time together and so very curious as to what was going on around her. It was so fun watching her take everything in. Her little smirks were quick and just too adorable. Little miss Anna is just beautiful.

3 month old milestones

baby eye color

TN Baby Photographer (4)TN Baby Photographer (5)3 month old baby girl10 fingers 10 toes
3 month old pushing up on elbowsblack and white baby photography

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