Liv is 2! | Nashville Toddler Photographer

There’s nothing I love more than capturing the different expressions of babies and kids.  Kids don’t hide their feelings.  There is no “mask”.  They let exactly what they’re thinking and feeling show on their face and I love that.  While smiles are precious, I want to remember all those other faces too.  Happy faces, funny ones, curious looks, and even sad and angry expressions find their way into my galleries.  I strive to give all those memories to my clients.  I don’t know about all parents, but time with my own babies has gone by so fast.  I try to remember what they looked like when they were this age or that age and you know what I remember?  The pictures.  I remember the pictures.  It makes my heart happy to help other parents remember too.flower photos

closeup of beautiful toddler girlblack and white toddler photography
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  1. jessi says:

    The balloon pictures are so cute! what a fun looking session!

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