DJ | 6 Month Old Photographer

Dear DJ,

Do you know how cute you are?  I think you might.  I’m not sure how your parents get anything done with you around because if you were mine, I could stare and play and watch those expressions change alllll day long.  Wouldn’t bother me one bit 🙂  I am so thankful that you were such a happy boy for our session together.  You did great.  I think you did a whole lot better than your momma thought you would.  I can’t imagine why, clearly you are just as precious as can be!  Did you know your mom and dad love you a whole lot?  You can see it on their faces when they look at you.  They light up like a light in the dark.  You have one pretty awesome family, little dude, I can tell.  I hope you can tell, too, when you’re older and you look back at these pictures.

Until next time, little man,

Your Photographer <3

baby smiles

2015-11-04_00062015-11-04_0007family silhouettes6 month old photographer2015-11-04_0002adorable 6 month old baby boyfamily photos with baby


  1. Cynthia Booker-Graddick says:

    He is so precious!I love these pictures. You guys have such a beautiful family.

  2. Uncle James says:

    The pictures are stunning Green Family, and DJ is the absolute cutest! Thank you for sharing. Love ya!

  3. Shana Crawford-Hawkins says:

    Awwww….he looks beautiful. DJ is a baby model in the making. My favorite is the plaid shirt in the metal bucket.

  4. Ohenewa says:

    These pictures are great. My fav is the one of all three of you in silhouette. Beautiful.

  5. Doris Heath says:

    Love the photos, props and the background choices. Photographer did a great job.

  6. Ruth Green says:

    Beautiful! Love the family photos and of course the singles of DJ.

    The photographer did a great job.

  7. Maxine says:

    The Green family is looking good!

  8. Aunt Mac says:

    He is getting his “big boy” look on.

  9. Taheia says:

    Really beautiful family!

  10. Big says:

    I love every picture in this photo album. My favorite picture is mom & dad loving on DJ. That’s my grandson, looking handsome as usual and getting some love. Mom & dad, yall look good too.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful pics.

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