Livia ♥ Six-Month Session

It’s always such an incredible joy and honor to photograph a child before she enters the world and then have sessions with her when she arrives, complete with a big, bright, precocious personality. And Livia is as precocious as they come.

I photographed Livia’s mom, Dawn, before the baby made her debut, along with her big sister, Lila Bess. The two sisters are both incredibly sweet and well-behaved, but it’s easy to see that they each have their own distinct personalities. Lila Bess is gentle and polite, and happens to remind me of my own daughter.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing baby Livia as a newborn and at three-months-old as well. And she is quite a character. She is one of the funniest babies I’ve photographed in a while! I love the hilarious little faces she makes. And those eyes! Those cheeks! Impossible to resist.

And her big sis is just so incredibly sweet with her. I can tell that these two are definitely going to be inseparable as the years go on. What a pair of sweethearts


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