Connor | Spring Hill Baby Photographer

Sweet baby Connor was such a good boy for me.  He hardly made a peep.  Here are some of my favorite images from his newborn session:



And here’s what Connor’s mama had to say about our session:

After spending much time pouring over newborn photographers, using both personal recommendations as well as scouring the internet, I ended up at June Star Photography. I chose Heather because her photos had “the look” I was hoping for. Heather has been very prompt with all of her communications with us. At 10 days old, we brought our new son to her house and we were very impressed. She made us all feel welcome and treated our son so wonderfully. He did great in the session. Promptly, the photos were made available to us and they turned out even better than we had hoped. I would recommend her to anyone looking for amazing photos that will capture a particular moment in time for a lifetime.

Love, Love, Love

  1. Angi Chapman says:

    So adorable. Excellent photos, and perfectly precious subject.

  2. Marti webb says:

    Adorable little Guy <3 love the ones with Mom and Dad!!

  3. Connie Hoskins says:

    He is precious!! Love all the different poses!!! Connie Hoskins

  4. Rachel says:

    So precious!

  5. Rebekah Brockman says:

    These pictures are incredible. What a beautiful baby, Connor! Absolutely precious! Good job, Simon and Nicole!

  6. Sami Herrera says:

    He is precious!! I can’t wait to meet him. Awesome job June Star Photography! These shots are great.

  7. Stephanie Herrera says:

    Such perfect photos!! I will have an extremely hard time picking my favorites. The ones with his Mom and Dad are very special. Thank you for doing such an amazing job with a newborn.

  8. Corey says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  9. Amanda says:

    So. Cute. I just love these! Congrats, Nicole & Simon!!

  10. Janet says:

    So very sweet

  11. Steffani LaZier says:

    Congratulations Simon and Nicole! What a dear, sweet, little boy you have! Wonderful photos! I’m so happy for you two!

  12. Cathie LaZier says:

    My favorite is the baseball photo, but the ones with mom and dad are very special too. What great photos!

  13. Carrie McGregor says:

    What sweet pictures. I prefer the color ones for this series. I especially like the set with the nest, and of course mamma and baby! Happy Family!

  14. Ashley Ericksen says:

    Connor looks like a little angel. Love his precious little smile in the second shot and the pics with Mom and Dad:)

  15. Debi Zyla says:

    I loved all of the pictures! Connor looks so sweet in all of them!I am going to have a hard time choosing!

  16. Jean -n- Tim Rayborn says:

    These pics are too adorable!! Congratulations on this bundle of joy….love him for us!! Group hug

  17. Stacy Belcher says:

    Amazing job! I love all of them!!

  18. Maria Herrera says:

    What an adorable little snuggle bug! Congrats you two. -)
    ~Aunt Maria

  19. Beatriz H Sierra says:

    what a handsome little boy. Happy for both of you.

    Aunt Beatriz

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