Amelia | Franklin Tn Newborn Portraits

Franklin Tn Newborn Portraits

Amelia was a perfect little angel for her newborn session! She had the fuzziest little hair and cutest cheeks. She did so well for our session and I had a blast! Franklin Tn Newborn Portraits is my specialty and I’m so grateful! I truly love being able to meet all my wonderful clients and babies!

I loved chatting with Amelia’s mommy and daddy during her session. Seriously, I had such a blast! Some of my favorite pictures to take are ones with baby’s parents. It’s so sweet how newborns love to cuddle and be held close! Pictures like these will be treasured for many years to come.

There were so many adorable ones from Amelia’s newborn session. It was hard to narrow down for her sneak peek! She looked so cute in the froggy pose with her adorable cheeks. I am so excited to edit the rest from her session!



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  1. Judy Meadows says:

    The most BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL I have seen in a really, really long time! Kudos to the photographer…don’t know how it’s possible to pose the babies and take such beautiful pictures. What a wonderful gift God has given Ana and Bryan with this perfect little girl!!

  2. Giga Richardson says:

    I love all these pictures. They are beautiful!!

  3. Danai Esquivel says:

    Soooo cute! Such great photos!

  4. Gloria Richardson says:

    Butterfly just beautiful

  5. Neal Hendrix says:

    Wow! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby!

  6. Jackie Maguire says:

    She’s so beautiful!!!!

  7. Shea White says:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful!!!

  8. Judy Meadows says:


  9. Quovadis says:

    I absolutely love these. She is so precious. You have a beautiful family.

  10. Sandra says:

    Love these pictures! What a beautiful little girl. These pictures are priceless. Do not know how you will pick out just a few.

  11. Staci Felt says:

    I couldn’t love these more! I need one for my house too!

  12. Pat Felt says:

    Wonderful photos of a beautiful baby girl! Great work by this photographer!

  13. Billy Felt says:

    Wonderful photography of a beautiful young family. Love the poses!

  14. MaKenna Curry says:

    Beautiful baby Amelia!!!

  15. Lynn Scarbrough says:

    The pics are beautiful!! Great job!!

  16. Sandy Meadows says:

    Such a precious baby!

  17. Debbie Pennino says:

    Just breathtaking!

  18. Theresa Rose says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!! Love!!

  19. Rheannon says:

    This are absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Linda Wagginer says:

    Beautiful pictures.

  21. Jaime Goulet says:


  22. Nanci Conner says:

    Beautiful!! I love each of them. What a little doll.

  23. Debbie Waits says:

    These pictures are amazing of sweet Amelia. I don’t know when I will ever get to see her in person, but through these pictures, I feel like I could reach out and stroke her beautiful angelic face. You found an amazing photographer, Ana & Bryan!

  24. Amber Shoemake says:

    Oh Anna she’s absolutely gorgeous! And you look amazing!

  25. SophieLee says:

    That’s my beautiful grand baby girl Amelia. Great photos!!!♥️

  26. Keliesha Jones says:

    She’s just precious! These are beautiful pictures!!

  27. Diane Lee says:

    These are just beautiful,and all of them together are so sweet. Love Them.

  28. Darlene hendrix says:

    Beautiful they did a great job on the pictures

  29. Ana Lee says:

    We could not have asked for better pictures of our girl! These will be cherished forever! ❤️

  30. Rose Hendrix says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful child (and mom and dad)

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