Alexander’s Newborn Session | Fairview Tn Newborn Photography

Fairview Tn Newborn Photography

Oh my goodness, Alexander was the sweetest little guy! It’s always fun when I get to photograph little boys with a lot of hair. Alexander had the cutest faux hawk-I was smitten! Fairview Tn Newborn Photography gives me the chance to work with so many families-I love my job!

I loved Alexander’s chubby cheeks and adorable lips! He is such a lucky little guy to have such a loving and wonderful family. Being able to photograph family shots during newborn sessions are definitely some of my favorites!

I had so many favorites from our session together. I especially loved where Alexander was all wrapped up in white wearing a bear hat-so cute! I’m super excited to edit the rest of his session!




Fairview Tn Newborn PhotographyFairview Tn Newborn PhotographyFairview Tn Newborn PhotographyFairview Tn Newborn PhotographyFairview Tn Newborn PhotographyFairview Tn Newborn PhotographyFairview Tn Newborn PhotographyFairview Tn Newborn PhotographyFairview Tn Newborn PhotographyFairview Tn Newborn Photography

  1. Abel Camba says:

    What a nice family picture Alex is so cutie cutie and they are all in good mode. I have nothing more to say “A family with such a happy ending good luck to all of you love love love.

  2. Taza says:

    Super nice family photo session bonding ❤

  3. Anthony says:

    I can feel how lovely and amazing this family is just by seeing these photos. Their genuine smiles give so much joy to me personally. Every child is a blessing that we should always be grateful for.

  4. Maru says:

    Little Alex is such a cutiepatootie 💜

  5. Maru says:

    And the family Pic is amazingly Red 😁

  6. Des says:

    So adorable!!!

  7. Mike says:

    A new bundle of joy has come… Happy Family… Excellent photography

  8. aida pancho says:

    Super cute. Wonderful family

  9. Tinie says:

    Super cute!! 😁😁😁

  10. Tinie says:

    Happy family! 😁

  11. Rovs says:

    This is so amazingly created. A very lovely family portrait.

  12. Tessa says:

    Beautiful family! Beautiful baby pictures esp the second one.

  13. Xiomara says:

    I love all those photos! Baby Alex is so adorable!

  14. Rae Rodriguez says:

    great photos. I so love the lighting. And that smirk on Alex’s face on the last photo is absolutely precious!

  15. Bongga says:

    Vivid photos..Alex is so adorable in all angles. Seeing this little bundle of joy, makes me want to cuddle him….
    Wonderful shots with the family…

  16. Nicole says:

    Superb pictures! I love every shot of it.

  17. Sophie says:

    Love it! 😊

  18. Pay says:

    Awesome 😊

  19. Sophie says:

    Love it😊

  20. Kristine says:

    Beautiful photos! Happy family! ♥️♥️♥️

  21. Yvonne Bigham says:

    Wonderful photographs! Particularly the black-and-white of mother and child. The angles of the arms provide an incredible story.

  22. Sophie says:

    Love it!

  23. Keti says:

    Adorable family photos! 😀

  24. Chie says:

    Lovely family photo ❤️😘. Alex is soo cute ❤️

  25. ROSA says:

    So adorable photos! Great photo concepts for Baby alex! 😀

  26. elaine cruz says:

    So cute baby Alex! Such a gorgeous family!!

  27. HSaber says:

    Bless u all🙏🏻

  28. Maybelle ignacio says:

    Every picture tells a story…and this is definitely a good one. So much love emanates from it that it warms the heart and inspires everyone who sees it.

  29. Anne Ronquillo says:

    “Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭127:3‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    Very beautiful family. ❤️

    It’s so wonderful to see Xioms taking care of the little angel. She is alredy an awesome ATE.

  30. Divine says:

    Soooo cute!!! God bless you and your family xx

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