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Beckett was the sweetest little guy! He had the most kissable lips and little face! I could have squeezed his cheeks all day long. Since I specialize in Franklin Newborn Photography, I am able to meet so many wonderful clients and work with the cutest babies!

We used neutral colors like browns and grays for Beckett’s newborn photography session. I especially loved wrapping him up so he was all snuggled. He had the perfect little face and had such a peaceful look about him.

There were many photos that I loved from our session together. Beckett looked so adorable holding the cute little stuffed deer. I am so excited to edit the rest of his photos!


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  1. Eddie Jackson says:

    Handsome fella, must come from good stock! Pictures look great

  2. Serena Vance says:

    Beckett Swanson’s photos are so precious. Thanks for doing an amazing job capturing his early days.

  3. Hillary says:

    Precious photos! Congratulations!

  4. Marsha Swanson says:

    These photos are amazing and what a precious baby.

  5. Kris Waugh says:

    What a great setting!

  6. Marilyn Waugh says:

    Amazing photos!!!!!

  7. Michelle says:


  8. Lindsay Briggs says:

    I love every photo! He is so precious and the photographer did amazing.

  9. Leila Thomason says:

    What a precious little angel ❤️

  10. Lynn Trapp says:

    He’s such a precious lil fella 💙

  11. Heather Thorne says:

    These pictures are too precious!

  12. Courtney says:

    So handsome!

  13. Brook Witty says:

    Baby Beck is adorable! Congrats, Carly.

  14. Tobe says:

    Precious. I bet you are loving the time away from office. Savor every moment.

  15. Sherry Siegel says:

    Perfection! Both baby and photos!

  16. Shanna Hillsman says:

    These photos are beautiful and unique. Precious.

  17. Jennifer Norman says:

    Great pictures soo adorable!!

  18. Uncle Phil says:

    Absolutely adorable. He definitely gets the award for cutest nephew EVERRRRRR!

  19. Christie Horton says:

    What a handsome fella! Congratulations!

  20. Kelly Ross says:


  21. Seth King says:

    Great shots! Congratulations you two!

  22. Kami Hu says:

    He’s beautiful! (Looks like Mama 😉) The pics are great!!!

  23. Ross Gregory says:

    Such great photos. Yay baby Beck!

  24. Carly Waugh says:

    These are so beautiful! We love them and will cherish them. 🙂 Thank you so much Heather!

  25. Trent says:

    Looking good buddy

  26. Travis Swanson says:

    What a stud!

  27. Reid Anderson says:

    He looks beyond precious. Well done.

  28. Steve Waugh says:

    What wonderful pics for grandson #1.

  29. Barbara Swanson says:

    Love, love, love the pictures of Baby Beckett!!!

  30. Scott Swanson says:

    Awesome pictures of my wonderful grandson!

  31. Barb Swanson says:

    Love, Love, Love the pictures of Baby Beckett!!

  32. Shanda Swanson says:

    Looks like a Swanson!

  33. Stephanie Bennett says:

    LOVE these photos! Beckett is a perfect little model.

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