Ryder | Newborn Boy

Newborn Boy

Oh my goodness, Ryder was the sweetest little guy! He had the BEST cheeks and lips! I loved working with him, he was the best little newborn boy ever!

Preparing Your Newborn for Sessions

It’s always great to prepare before your newborn session. It can be very hard to keep a newborn awake so I wanted to share some tips on how to do so. You can give your baby a bath, a few hours before the session. In doing this, you can then do a massage with oil or lotion, as that will even keep them awake as well. Keeping their feet uncovered and moving their legs can also help them to be awake. Lastly, if you can feed your baby right before the session, they will usually drift off to sleep right after!

One of my favorites from our session was the Spring-themed photo we took. It had gray and green tones that looked perfect with his sweet little face! He even gave me the cutest look when he woke up for a little bit. Ryder had the cutest eyes! He really was a great little model for his newborn session!


Newborn BoyNewborn BoyNewborn BoyNewborn BoyNewborn BoyNewborn BoyNewborn BoyNewborn BoyNewborn BoyNewborn BoyNewborn Boy

  1. Amy parham says:


  2. Breanna Campbell says:

    These are really good!

  3. Kathy Wallner says:

    These are absolutely adorable!! I love them all! The poses are all so sweet. Best photography I’ve seen in a long time!

  4. Lauren says:

    Omg these are so perfect!!!! Excellent job!!

  5. Casee Chevalier says:

    I am so happy we did this photoshoot! These pictures are so incredible!

  6. Tina Chevalier says:

    These pictures are wonderful! June Star Photography did an awesome job! Ryder looks so sweet!

  7. Paula Silva says:

    Ryder looks amazing and adorable! Great job!

  8. Derrick Parham says:

    Awesome pictures!

  9. Sunee Woodgeard says:

    What and absolutely perfect, precious little man and what amazing photos ❤️

  10. Undray says:

    Awesome job really cute photos.

  11. Jessica Mokracek says:

    These are the sweetest photos! Love them!

  12. Valerie Chevalier says:

    So precoous!❤️

  13. Karlie Self says:

    So cute ❤️ Love them all!

  14. Dinelle Penrod says:

    Ryder is so darn adorable. The pictures are beautifully done.

  15. Bethany campbell says:

    These are absolutely precious! Beautiful work.

  16. Anna says:

    What a handsome and sweet baby boy! Wonderful photos!

  17. Logan White says:

    He is absolutely adorable! These pictures are so good!

  18. peter says:

    so cute!

  19. Amanda Love says:

    love these! What a cutie!!

  20. Heidi Owens says:

    Absolutely adorable! Great positions to bring out his cuteness!

  21. Monica says:

    How adorable!!!

  22. Lindsey K says:

    Omg what a sweet and perfect nugget! These photos are gorgeous.

  23. Ariel Jennis says:

    My sister’s beautiful baby!!

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  25. Brittany Thomas says:

    He is so adorable!

  26. Neve says:

    Such a precious baby! Too adorable!

  27. JoAnna Hoopes says:

    These are such great pictures! Ryder is adorable and the photographer clearly has a keen eye! Absolutely beautiful shoot! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Rebecca says:

    How sweet!! I wish I would have done this with Carolina!

  29. Maxine says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

  30. Vmccrea says:

    Fantastic pics, great poses!

  31. Brittany Rompa says:

    What a precious lil nugget!! Beautiful photos

  32. Justin Chevalier says:

    These pictures came out so great! Heather did a great job!

  33. I have to say that these are the best baby photos I’ve ever seen! Fantastic!

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