Rory | Mount Pleasant Newborn Photographs

Mount Pleasant Newborn Photographs

Photographing girls is always so much fun for me! I LOVE busting out the headbands, the bonnets, the pinks and purples, and all the frilly props I have! There were so many beautiful Mount Pleasant Newborn Photographs from Rory’s newborn photography session.

If I had to label Rory’s session, it would be elegance. The whole session, from the props to the shot with her mommy- they were all so beautiful! She was the most beautiful baby, with the sweetest little face. Rory slept so great for her session and I had so much fun working with her!

Multi Generational Photos

These kinds of images are always popular with parents when their babies are born. I love when clients bring the baby’s grandparents by for newborn sessions. These are the priceless memories that make my job so much fun! It’s really what it’s all about-getting these moments to be forever remembered.

Sibling Pictures

We were also able to get some adorable pictures of Rory with her big brother! It was so sweet how gentle he was with his new little sister. You really could see the bond that they shared. Capturing the relationship of siblings with their new brother or sister is always such a blast for me.

It was so hard to narrow down for Rory’s sneak peek, I seriously had so many favorites!! I absolutely LOVED the one of Rory in front of the bright curtains and laying on the bed. The one with her holding her mommy’s finger was too cute for words! Another cute one is when Rory was sleeping all wrapped up in the bucket. I’m looking forward to editing the rest of her sneak peek!! Please enjoy these Mount Pleasant Newborn Photographs below!

Mount Pleasant Newborn PhotographsMt. Pleasant Newborn PhotographsMount Pleasant Newborn PhotographsMt. Pleasant Newborn Photographs

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